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Positive Leadership: Building Strong Teams

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  • Is it time for a new positive chapter?
  • Are you tired of negativity infecting your leadership team?

Imagine all leaders being on the same page, being accountable for the culture they create, leading by example and armed with a new tool kit of strategies they will be excited to try out!

Positive Leadership is a research-backed style of leadership that is perfect for those wanting to build a positive and progressive leadership style across the organisation—elevating positivity, inclusion and a feeling of belonging and collective purpose.

Each leader has their unique strengths and skillset. This best practice framework brings consistency across an organisation dedicated to providing an environment for all employees to flourish.

This Positive Leadership workshop covers five key components:

1) Fostering a positive climate: where positive emotions predominate over negative emotions in the work environment.

2) Engaging in positive communication: affirmative and supportive language replaces negative and critical language.

3) Building positive relationships: a source of enrichment and vitality to the person and the organisation.

4) Reinforcing positive meaning: people feel like they are engaging in meaningful work and positive outcomes.

5) Appreciative Inquiry

Positive Leadership Workshop Objectives:

  • Build positive culture and self-regulation: Discover research-based strategies to grow emotional intelligence. 94% of top performers are high in emotional intelligence.
  • Identify key strategies to create a positive environment, including cultivating forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.
  • Build relational culture – Understand the benefits of a coach vs critic mindset and positive communication strategies
  • Give positive and constructive feedback with the clarity of positive intent.
  • Develop a clearer leadership vision and communicate purpose at a personal and collective level through the story.
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Solve problems within an organisation in a positive and forward-thinking way.
  • Be more curious and excited about the challenges faced within the business. Ask positive questions to strengthen the organisations capacity to increase potential.
  • Approach change in an affirmative mindset.

* Strengths are included if participants have not completed our Foundation Authentic Leadership program

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2500+ Participants Corporate, Government, Manufacturing, Retailers, Universities and Schools, Not For Profit Leaders have all loved this program. Delivered Australia wide *

We recommend-  Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance’ book by Professor Kim Cameron.

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Positive Leadership Positive Psychology workshop for leaders

Who is This For?

  • Executive Leaders looking to lead with a contemporary edge
  • Senior Leaders focused on growing a positive, progressive and productive culture
  • Successfully delivered Public Sector, Large Scale Network Marketing, Corporate, Not For Profit
  • Leaders aiming to grow engagement
  • Team Leaders aspiring to Senior roles + Executive Assistants
  • Suitable for team leaders and new leaders – although ‘Authentic Leadership’ is our foundations program

Team Flow on Benefits

  • Increased focus on a positive culture leadership driven
  • Leadership role modelling mental agility and better equipped to support their teams through change
  • Create a more fertile environment for collaboration, belonging and a focus on strengths.
  • Increase in positive communication

Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector. Dip. Positive Psychology & Wellbeing specialised in Positive Leadership + 20 Years Leadership Development experience , Leading Positive Change  CWRU | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

Belinda Sudano:  Executive and Leadership Corporate  and Schools | Psychologist  Dip. Positive Psychology and Wellbeing | Melbourne

Kasey Lloyd: Executive and Leadership Corporate and Schools | Positive Psychologist  Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns

Profile Options or Pre-work

VIA Strengths or VIA Pro Report

Book Recommendations and Research References

We recommend Kym Cameron Cameron, K. S. (2008). Positive leadership.

He describes what makes positive leadership so positive—what he terms “positively deviant performance”—and notes some of the results you can expect from such leadership, including impressive gains in productivity and effectiveness. Kim Cameron is one of Jane’s personal favourite researchers – a great gift for a leadership conference.

Cameron, K. S. (2008). Positive leadership. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Porath, C. (2016). Give your team more effective positive feedback. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2016/10/give-your-team-more-effective-positive-feedback

Ilies, R., Morgeson, F. P., & Nahrgang, J. D. (2005). Authentic leadership and eudaemonic well-being: Understanding leader-follower outcomes. Leadership Quarterly, 16, 373-394.

Seligman, M. E. P. (2002). Authentic happiness: Using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfilment. New York: Free Press.


In-Person Energising Keynote and Interactive Conference Workshop

  • Australia Keynote Plenary Speaker POA From $3000 +GST  (+ travel /accom if required)
  • Interactive Conference Workshop | Half | Full Day POA Starts from $4000 +GST:  cards/ table whiteboards etc. to support engagement for 26 tables groups up to 260 participants
  • International Keynote POA (post-Covid-19)

*POA Varied speakers available – travel /accom additional

* Small team and Not for Profit/ Volunteer Group/ Student or Graduate groups/ Network events/ significantly COVID impacted industry / South Australian Based Business discounts-  may apply for off-peak days.

In-Person Workshop:

  • Half-Day In- house workshop POA from $2000 – $3500+GST
  • Full-Day POA from $3500 – $5000 +GST

Virtual: 6 > 1000+ participants 

  • Virtual Keynote or Conference POA from $1800 +GST
  • 2 x 90 min from $2000 +GST
  • Half from $1600 +GST | Full from $2500 + GST

Value Package Options: Discount applies for bookings of 3 or more workshops virtual/ live or a combination. Online delivery option, please inquire.

  • The Pink Flamingo: Culture Transformation Package
  • Power Leaders Package
  • Power Team Package
  • Driving Positive Change Package
  • SSO Package

This is What Our Clients Thought

"Great to learn new skills I am able to develop and understanding my strengths. Inspiring and self-motivating. Thank you."

Rebecca M.Shire of Shark Bay Event and Community Leadership Team Positive leadership and communication workshop Western Australia

"10/10 Fantastic day. Worthwhile for any workplace leaders. Enjoyed unpacking current leadership essential skills in developing teams and this will assist with workplace relationships at all levels. Jane delivers in an exciting way. I love her presentations."

SandyUniversity PASS Student Leadership Team Tailored Positive Leadership Development Training Adelaide

"Thank you. The team are using the positive leadership concepts extensively and enjoyed the training very much. Once again thank you for a productive class."

Nick LehmanDirector, Asia Pacific R&D

"10 Highly engaging. Enjoyed the energy and the links to our school culture and our pos ed framework. it was great!"

KathQueensland Academics Leadership Educators Team Development Day Gold Coast

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