Optimism vs pessimism training

60 | 90 min, Leaders and Teams

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10 -500+

Australia Wide + International Virtual Delivery

Mindset Matters Most

Optimism Vs Pessimism Training | Mindset Matters Most at Work | Virtual Training 

Optimism vs Pessimism – it’s not a fair fight. 

  • Do you wonder why some people can view the same situation completely differently?
  • Do you find one pessimist in the team can drain your energy and wonder if you can help them shift their thinking?
  • Do you want to learn to think like an optimist?

What is Optimism

Optimism is a mental attitude characterised by hope and confidence in success and a positive future.

Optimists are those who expect good things to happen, whereas pessimists instead predict unfavourable outcomes. Optimism seems like a straightforward characteristic— a simple spotlight on what’s good and future-focused—but it is more than that. It has some seriously positive effects. From a longer life, better work outcomes and increased satisfaction with your life.

Free Optimism self-assessment.

This Optimism Vs Pessimism workshop includes 

  • Why brains behave like they do and what the research tells us
  • 3 vital elements that differ in the optimistic and pessimist thinking styles
  • The No 1 Neuroscience strategy for re-appraisal
  • A simple written exercise to support shifting thinking through transition, change and uncertainty.


10 Great workshop I enjoyed the component on cultivating an optimistic mindset’                                                                                      

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optimist vs pessimist training for teams

Who is This For?

Suitable for executive teams, leaders, work teams and government departments and all of staff development days.  Interactive and energetic.  Virtual or in-person delivery that supports positive culture and connection.

Positive, Interactive and Energetic Conference and  Plenary Speaker

We happily tailor if there is specific challenges or changes within the business.

Team Flow on Benefits

  • Increased understanding of long term goal pursuit.
  • Appreciate their strengths as a path to sustained performance and cultivating meaning at work.
  • Provided tools to support and influence their team members to also engage with Grit

Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team development | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

Belinda Sudano: Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development | Melbourne

Kasey Lloyd: Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns

Anna Glynn : Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. | Sydney | Melbourne

Mary Ellen : Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. | Hobart | Launceston

Profile Options or Pre-work

Optional – Resilience Driven PR6 assessment (POA – group discounts)

Pre and Post evaluation available for collective assessment: Recommended for Resilient People package.


Virtual Training Delivered by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Web-Ex. Conference or inhouse Live event we bring everything required for the workshop. AV supplied by the client.


Virtual: 6 > 1000+ participants 

  • Virtual Keynote or Conference POA from $2200 +GST
  • 60 min from $1200 +GST
  • Half/ Full day from $2000 +GST

In-Person Energising Keynote and Interactive Conference Workshop

  • Australia Keynote Plenary Speaker POA From $5000 +GST (+ travel if required)
  • Interactive Conference Workshop 90 min > full-day  POA From $3500 +GST:  cards/ table whiteboards etc. to support engagement for 26 tables groups up to 260 participants
  • International Keynote POA (post-Covid-19)

*POA Varied speakers available – travel additional

In-Person Workshop:

  • Half-Day In- house workshop POA from $2500 +GST
  • Full-Day POA from $4000 +GST

Value Package Options: Discount applies for bookings of 3 or more workshops virtual/ live or a combination. Online delivery option, please inquire.

  • Wellbeing Boost Package
  • Power Leaders Package
  • Power Team Package

* Small team and Not for Profit/ Volunteer Group/ Student or Graduate groups/ Network events/ significantly COVID impacted industry / South Australian Based Business discounts-  may apply for off-peak days.

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Really valuable session and they all left on a real high which wasexcellent to see.

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