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Influencing Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety at work  | Building High-Performance Teams | WHS Representative Training| In-person and Virtual Training  

Influencing Psychological Safety at work

Psychological safety at work has recently become a bit of a buzzword in leading well and building a mentally safe work environment.

We know that leaders influence the psychological safety climate of their organisation by as much as 75%.

Psychological safety at work has been identified as one of the main factors in creating high performing teams. A two-year study by Google established that psychological safety is the crucial factor that makes teams perform to an exceptional standard. Whilst many may understand what it is and the benefits of psychological safety in the workplace, there can be some misunderstanding of exactly what it means and how to establish it.

What is Psychological Safety at work?

Psychological safety is a term used to define how confident employees feel to share their worries and concerns and contribute ideas. Mistakes will occur when employees do not feel psychologically safe, and things that could damage the organisation or create a dangerous environment are not highlighted.

A psychologically safe workplace is one where employees feel that they can speak up without fear of threat, ridicule or at risk of losing their job. These organisations tend to develop high performing teams, where everyone works together and helps support the development of the business as a whole.


There are key leadership traits and capabilities critical to positively influencing a team’s performance. Psychological safety sets the foundations for growth and learning and fosters a climate of respect and trust.

In this Influencing Psychological Safety workshop, discover:

  • What is psychological safety?
  • Psychological Safety and Accountability
  • Discover what neuroscience reveals about our social brain and five known threat domains.
  • How leaders or WHS reps can positively influence  a psychologically safe culture
  • Discover strategies to support a team member experiencing arousal in a threat domain

This was a popular new release in 2021 and was delivered for National Safe Work Month, virtually supporting Leaders and WHS representatives across industries, including several hospitals. It is also one module of our most popular full day leadership program, “Leading a Well Team.” 

We present a tailored version for WHS Representatives – delivered in-person best at Half Day | minimum 2 hrs – this also helps build connection across  WHS reps across an organisation.

10 Interesting, engaging and involved everyone.  Tayla | WHS influencing safety event | ACHA


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Strengths Based approach for hospitals professional development
Building Psychological Safety in the workplace professional development

Who is This For?

  • Executive Leaders looking to lead with a contemporary edge
  • Senior Leaders focussed on growing a positive, progressive and productive culture
  • WHS Representatives
  • Leadership Teams  looking to grow performance and innovation in their business

Team Flow on Benefits

  • Develop confidence in supporting those they lead to share issues and concerns
  • Build team strength in identifying areas of concern and spot problems before they happen
  • Build inclusion of team members feeling able to share improvements ideas and spot opportunities

Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector. Adv. Neuroscience of Leadership | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

Belinda Sudano:  Leadership | Corporate | NFP Clinical Psychologist  Dip. Positive Psychology and Wellbeing | Melbourne

Kasey Lloyd: Executive and Leadership Corporate and Schools | Positive Psychologist  Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns

Profile Options or Pre-work

Online Assessment

Book Recommendations and Research References

The Fearless Organisation: Amy Edmondson

The essential book on Psychological Safety. Dr Edmondson covers the research and theory, examples of failure where a lack of psychological safety was (at least in significant part) a component cause, as well as demonstrating the successes that result from environments of high psychological safety.


In-Person Energising Keynote and Interactive Conference Workshop

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  • Interactive Conference Workshop | Half | Full Day POA Starts from $4000 +GST:  cards/ table whiteboards etc. to support engagement for 26 tables groups up to 260 participants
  • International Keynote POA (post-Covid-19)

*POA Varied speakers available – travel /accom additional

* Small team and Not for Profit/ Volunteer Group/ Student or Graduate groups/ Network events/ significantly COVID impacted industry / South Australian Based Business discounts-  may apply for off-peak days.

In-Person Workshop:

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  • Full-Day POA from $3500 – $5000 +GST

Virtual: 10 > 200+ participants POA depending on group size

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  • 90 min from $1200 +GST
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  • Power Leaders Package
  • Power Team Package
  • Driving Positive Change Package

This is What Our Clients Thought

"Informative, very valuable and knowledgeable instructor. Would love to attend again."

RikeACHA WHS safety representative

" Dynamic, fun and honest. Enjoyed the variation in activities and the content on positive intent through conflict."

JaneQueensland Academics Leadership Educators Team Development Day Gold Coast

"10 Engaging and enjoyed the interaction- loved the energy and enthusiasm"

AimeACHA | WHS Rep Training

Amazing presentation- very insightful as well! Thank you so much Jane😊


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