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Brown & Watson International (BWI) is the Australian-owned company behind several innovative and market-leading brands operating within the global automotive industry – specialising in automotive electrical and lighting products, as well as portable power management and vehicle accessories.

BWI is a customer-focused business that goes further to deliver solutions through innovative products and services via an established manufacturing and distribution network across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Their mission is to be a global leader in aftermarket light and power management that adds value to customers, partners and the business.

Positive Leadership is a research-backed style of leadership that is perfect for those wanting to build a positive and progressive leadership style across the organisation—elevating positivity, inclusion and a feeling of belonging and collective purpose.
Each leader has their unique strengths and skillset. This best practice framework brings consistency across an organisation dedicated to providing an environment for all employees to flourish.

There are four key strategies to build positive leadership :

  • Fostering a Positive Climate where positive emotions predominate over negative emotions in the work environment.
  • Engage in Positive Communication where supportive language replaces negative and critical language.
  • Positive Relationships Building positive relationships that are a source of enrichment and are energising.
  • Reinforcing Positive Meaning Where people feel like they are engaging in meaningful work and positive outcomes. What they do and how they contribute matters.

It was such a treat to spend two days with the dynamic people leaders at BWI International.

This was a two-day supercharge event ‘ Positive Leadership: Building Strong Teams’.

The team had taken their strengths assessment so I knew before I started that it would be a driven group – with strengths of creativity, hope, perseverance and bravery featuring boldly in the team. It was delightful to also have individuals with humility, gratitude, and kindness also radiating as signature strengths.

I think for some organisations taking your leadership team out of the business for two days – seems challenging. Those that do reap the benefits. With absolute certainty, I can say that it takes the collective group to a new level of connection and trajectory to hit peak performance across the organisation.

Such a wonderful diversity of thought and character in the room – I left on a high.

I gave them a 10 /10 for being present, showing an openness to learning, honest reflections and playing wholeheartedly – they were fun!

– Thanks for the fab feedback –

“‘ Interesting and exciting – enjoyed strengths to use as a tool moving forward’

– Kylie”

“‘Great content , beneficial and enjoyed the tools and concepts to be a better leader . Delivery and passion was excellent’
- Mark”

“‘Very useful, practical and insightful - dynamic and knowledgeable presenter’

- Jenny”

“‘Enjoyed the flow of theory and practice, looking at feedback and positive intent. Great energy, collaborative and relevant for today’s challenges.’
– Dale”

Our promise…. the team that walks out after this two-day program will have a new level of energy, tools and strategies to support their own teams. But the bonus is the significant growth in connection – which enables a new layer of compassion support, mentoring and sharing of ideas to occur across the leadership team. Gold!

You will not find this content in traditional leadership programs or the combination of topics anywhere else. This has evidence-based principles and real-world strategies and tools to support positive shifts.

  • By design people mix constantly over the two days – authentic relationships across a leadership team are essential to support both innovation and cohesion across departments.
  • By design people mix constantly over the two days – authentic relationships across a leadership team are essential to support both innovation and cohesion across departments.
  • A strengths lens helps leaders to better understand the unique qualities they bring to their leadership role. We also shine a light on where character strengths can topple – this for many is like a personal wheel alignment. Trust is a reward for being authentic and balanced.
  • A powerful play in this session is in understanding how leaders can influence emotional culture. The joy of applied neuroscience and positive psychology is it’s not rocket science. It all makes sense – culture helps people to perform well. The difference is knowing why at a deeper level, and having some simple but effective tools and strategies to positively influence team mood. Lots of great initiatives are likely already happening – time to share best practices is time well spent.
  • Our ability to build high-quality connections, to give feedback well and to listen are skills for leaders at every level to revisit often. Your team simply can’t reach peak performance without the leaders developing these skills.
  • Empowering others was the thing people wanted most out of this session. We use a skill/ will matrix and strengths approach to tap into intrinsic motivation. This is very powerful stuff, and not what you’ll find in traditional leadership programs. And powerful … doesn’t mean hard to apply.
  • Psychological threat zones – we all have them and we have all had the experience of someone going OTT in response to a social situation at some stage. We bring this content into having productive meetings – and discover what’s important for team members to feel safe through looking at their own threat zone. Great self-insight and group disclosure.
  • The final component is on collaborative thought and idea generation into strategy and draws on the wisdom of Edward DeBono and parallel thinking.

Give me two days with your leadership team and they will shift the trajectory of your business!

Exciting I know …

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