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BRAIN BOOST deep work neurosicence workshop


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Boost Decision Making + Deep Work

Boost Decision Making | Deep work Workshop Professional Development | Building Focus and Habits for Success at Work

Adelaide | Brisbane| Canberra| Darwin| Hobart| Melbourne| Perth| Sydney| Australia Wide

Boost Deep Work  and Decision Making Workshop

“One way to boost our focus is to manage our distractions instead of letting them manage us!” Daniel Goleman

What is Deep work

Deep work is a term coined by Georgetown University professor Cal Newport to refer to the ability to “focus” without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.”

By training your ability to focus and by actively carving out time: for real intense, focused work’ we can train our brains and cultivate habits that build a superpower for learning, creating and producing quickly.

Our attention is a resource – Attentional intelligence is described ‘as an intelligence that allows you to effortlessly, but mindfully notice where your attention is at any moment and to choose where you want it to be intentionally’  (Linda Ray 2012)

This insight-sparking course will be valuable for all team members who want to build their deep work muscle through better understanding the neuroscience of distraction.

Discover the latest research into decision fatigue and how stress impacts memory. It’s time to be the scientist of your own experience and work on building your mental muscle.

Who is this decision-making and deepwork training designed for:

and This is suitable for executive leaders, senior leaders, all of staff professional development , those working in education. These practical strategies can be applied to students to assist them in the lead-up to exams, to focus and function at their best.

Boosting Decision making and Deep Work What’s covered?

  • Attention as a resource: ‘Attentional intelligence’ is a mind-muscle
  • What is deep work and what is shallow work?
  • Why it’s tricky being wired for novelty
  • Neuroscience of distraction
  • Decision Fatigue and how stress impacts memory

Who is This For?

Executive leaders, Senior Leaders, Teams, All of staff professional development and  Students. We happily tailor if there is specific challenges or changes within the business.

Team Flow on Benefits

Why invest in this workshop?

We live in a world where it is easy to be distracted and hard to stay focussed. 

decision making, productivity and accessing the state of deep work are buildable havits of the most successful leaders, team members and students.

Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team development | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin | Hobart | Regional | Mt Gambier | Virtual | Relevant Quals : Adv. Dip Neuroscience of Leadership and PRISM Brain Practitioner

Declan : Virtual | Relevant Quals : Adv. Dip Neuroscience of Leadership and PRISM Brain Practitioner


In-person – Inhouse, Conference or Retreat – we bring everything required for the workshop. AV supplied by the client.

Virtual Training Delivered by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Web-Ex.

This is What Our Clients Thought

Loved this - so energising and engaging. It really brought teams together.

All of Staff Day Full Day 80 + ParticipantsAFL Sports Ready

'You’re an awesome facilitator that can lift a room – not many people have that skill '

Nathan Wilson - Australian & NZ Leadership ConferenceNathan

"Jane's content is dynamic, and her clever delivery and expert ability to read her audience to draw learning outcomes set her apart as a presenter, facilitator and speaker.
I would recommend Jane's talents to any leader or organisation looking to achieve positive group outcomes."

Shelley Poten : Regional General ManagerFlight Centre Group : Delivered Virtually

'Inspirational- fantastic energy and real relevant learning. Feeling ready for anything.'

LincolnBoc Conference Melbourne

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