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Positively Charged and Resilient

Positively Charged and Resilient | Emotional Intelligence & Resilience | Resilience Workshop | Virtual Resilience Training 

Adelaide | Brisbane| Canberra| Darwin| Hobart| Melbourne| Perth| Sydney| Australia Wide

Positively Charged and Resilient is one of our most popular workshops.

  • Do you want to channel and use your emotional energy positively?
  • Do want to build a resilient mindset by developing mental agility?

Emotionally resilient leaders and team members can maintain – and even supercharge – their performance in times of challenge and have an in-built ability to bounce back from setbacks. Positively Charged and Resilient combines the development and use of emotional intelligence to increase self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity and having the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. There is no simple fix, or one size fits all method however small simultaneous shifts can make a big difference.

Why do people love our Resilience workshops?

We provide the latest evidence strategies delivered through highly engaging activities to bring the content to life.  Participants enjoy some time thinking about themselves whilst connecting positively as a team. Our activities are inclusive – safe, and powerful. Our evidence-based strategies are from applied positive psychology, neuroscience and mental toughness.

What is covered in Positively Charged and Resilient:

  • The foundations of the program align with the PENN resilience model.
  • The No 1 Neuroscience strategy to support reappraisal of a challenging situation.
  •  Our most popular tool to build emotional granularity
  • Simple but effective written strategies to support mental agility through change
  • Real-time resilience: strategies to disrupt thinking traps.
  • Relationship resilience when we encounter social challenges or conflict
  • Rituals to support holistic resilience in 4 domains
  • Practical strategies to support mental agility and thinking traps
  • Empathy, Compassion and Forgiveness

This program has delighted thousands Nationally – we can deliver this as a full or half-day event. We adapt to shorter time frames to suit the organisation. This is also a hugely popular conference workshop or keynote.  Book with confidence for in-person or virtual delivery.

It was a high energy session and the interactive nature of your presentation made it one of the most talked about parts of our conference…. a very powerful and memorable experience. I personally really liked the style of your delivery which connected very well with the audience and your tailoring of your key messages back to our company and our conference theme.

Andy Jones: Managing Director/Senior Vice President PACIFIC, AS APAC

Resilience Keynote Speaker Jane Wundersitz
Positively Charged and Resilient Excellent Resilience Training

Who is This For?

Suitable for executive teams, leaders, work teams and government departments and all of staff development days.  Interactive and energetic virtual or in-person delivery supports positive culture and connection.

Positive, Interactive and Energetic Conference and  Plenary Speaker

We happily tailor if there is specific challenges or changes within the business.

Team Flow on Benefits

  • Increased collective understanding of resilience.
  • Understanding of the importance of positive emotional culture at work.
  • Create a more fertile environment for participation in future workplace resilience and wellbeing initiatives.


Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team development | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

Belinda Sudano: Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development | Melbourne

Kasey Lloyd: Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns

Claudia Chambers: Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. | Sydney | Byron Bay | Canberra


Profile Options or Pre-work

Optional – Resilience Driven PR6 assessment (POA – group discounts)

Pre and Post evaluation available for collective assessment: Recommended for Resilient People package.



Virtual Training Delivered by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Web-Ex. Conference or inhouse Live event we bring everything required for the workshop. AV supplied by the client.



This is What Our Clients Thought

10++++ A workshop that definitely gets the brain going, vibrant presenter. I honestly could have listened all-day

NatashaIAG wellbeing event

"Thank you so much for your amazing training. We love learning from you."


Fantastic - she instantly brought energy to the room. I loved how she intertwined our brand values. I took away so much which and have already brought strategies into my team.

SA Tourism 2021 Conference

Very engaging. Interesting and relevant.

JuliaKarastaste Leader

Absolutely amazing – Uplifting, motivational,- and an all-around fabulous session.

MandyPriceLine Manager

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