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100 Testimonials to help you Book with Confidence

“You are an awesome facilitator that can lift a room – not many people have the skill.”

– Nathan Wilson – Australian & NZ Leadership Conference

“You were awesome ”

Managing Director: Modere Live Life Forward plenary + Positive Leadership pre-conference workshop for 250.

“Thank You – excellent content, energy and awesome resources”

– Virtual Conference for 100+ Leaders. Topic: Positive Leadership.

“I  walked away buzzing, inspired and motivated. The presenter’s expertise and positive outlook were inspiring to be a better version of yourself.”

– Micheala Connor: Peopleworks leader LMIT at Discova

“Immensely enjoyed your Strengths delivery; such great self-insight for leadership.”

– Strengths Keynote :  ‘ASPIRE – Women in Leadership’

“Insightful – Loved your session; so many great strategies”

– Sarah : Opening Keynote EA’ National Tour EA Network Academy Conference.

“Absolutely amazing – Uplifting, motivational,- and an all-around fabulous session.” – Mandy: Retail Manager – Scaffidi Group Conference: Priceline + United Chemists

“A high energy session, one of the most talked-about parts of the conference… very powerful and memorable.”

– Andy Jones – Managing Director Dormakaba. National Sales Conference Cairns.

“Thank you for a wonderful session it was great” – Sharon IAG

“Really valuable session and they all left on a real high which was excellent” – Kat People’s Choice Credit Union

“People are already discussing their strengths in their teams – that is really exciting”

– Grace: Innovation in Service’: SA Water State Awards

“You’re a star…your insights and energy were awesome”

– Mick : Seventeen X TED x style event for SDG Global Goals

“Your vision was insightful and we had a great response from the delegates as to the quality of the presentation.”


– Power Health Network National Conference

“Loved it. Brilliant, highly engaging session which provides useful tools and skills for anyone managing a team”

–  Anon, Victoria Supreme Court Leadership Team

“Valuable, thought provoking and practical. Will continue to spark conversations among the team”

– Margot IVECO Leadership team

“Very engaging, interesting and relevant. Helpful for team building as well as for individual development.”

–  Julia – National Leadership Conference

“Jane is a highly insightful and effective facilitator. Warm and clever delivery and expert ability to read the audience.”

– Shelley Poten

“10/10 Enjoyed everything,  content, realness, energy, applicability leaving with real scope for ideas and change both personal and professional.”

–  Anne –  Hitachi Executive National Team SDG Training Sydney

“Thank you – I appreciate your passion in delivering such an engaging afternoon. I’m still seeing the buzz in the team.”

– Shann0n :  HR Business Partner Corporate Centre

“A thorough, detailed and practical approach to holistic wellness. I enjoyed the content on strengths and the energy, positivity and passion of the presenter.”

– Janelle: Macquarie Finance Sydney

“Great host, Great hats.  It was fun and useful.”

– Steve Plarre :  CEO at Plarre Food Group

Awesome, Very enlightening; I took a lot away from this – upbeat presenter with amazing knowledge and passion.

Reno: Manager AnyTime Fitness SA

“10/10 Insightful and relevant to building a strong engaging presentation. The stories component had impact and this will be great to incorporate into my work.”

– Arlen

“10 relevant and so interesting. Open and collaborative and enjoyed sharing strengths attributes- fab! Thank you so much”

– Jess SMT Leadership Team

Meaningful activities, enjoyed opportunities to connect across the team- delivery very impactful

Pru: Sonder Leadership Team Youth Services

“Really worthwhile. It made me think about public speaking in a completely new perspective – great simple tricks.”

– Hannah Student Leader | UNI SA Speakers Edge

” Thank you ; the feedback has been really great. I look forward to talking about the New year workshops.”

-Kat | Program LEAD Student Community Student Retention & Success

” Thank you for an amazing session and for being a wonderful facilitator and genuine individual. ”

– Chris De Cicco : Senior Manager Change 2021

“10 Enjoyed the content on cultural change and the focus on strengths. Jane was excellent at adapting the material to the Silk laser Environment.”

Elly Griffin: Silk Laser HR ( former)

“Feedback has been really positive. I am sure it will go a long way to strengthening teams.”

– Rema Grennan : Operations Management Division

” Thank you for turning your excellent program into a Virtual One. We look forward to working with you again” – Karl Jarvis  Strategic Projects APO

“Informative, engaging and fresh. I left feeling like I could go and create and present something that people would find both engaging and inspiring.”

– Sam, Human Services Government Department |100+ leaders Speakers Edge

“Practical tips and nuggets of gold! Learning about the strengths assessment and how they can be used to tap into how people are intrinsically motivated was mind-blowing. I can’t wait to map my team’s strengths.”

-Emily Mellor: Managers Essentials Program SA Government | Virtual 250+ leaders

“Perfect- very interactive, lots to learn. Enjoyed content on procrastination, saying no nicely and urgent vs important tasks.”

-Pooja Thrive Dept Edu WA | Productivity with PUNCH

“I am now feeling more optimistic and will put the wisdom shared to support reaching my goal of being more healthy.”

Marion: Participant Virtual Wellbeing | Building  Motivation through Covid 19

“10/10 Enjoyed everything. I got so much out of this and more than I anticipated. I could have listened if it had gone on all day. Thank you”

Participant: Mastering your Mojo – Goal Success

“10 Engaging, positive and really powerful. Fascinating new concepts I am keen to use. ”

Frances Whaley: SA Health WC Hospital | Leading a WELL Team

“Thank YOU. The team loved the presentation and activities. I even had three of the guys come up to me this morning (using their positive greetings!) saying how much they loved the session.”

– Heather : Exec Architecture Review Officer | Sydney Trains

” Thank you. It was an excellent day and just what we were looking for. ”

-Building on our Strengths: End of year Team Building Event

“Highly useful I got a lot out of this. Interesting how stress works in the body and practical tips”

– Stress Mastery: A lifestyle approach | Wellbeing Program

“Excellent session- interactive and engaging. Enjoyed the emotion mapping. power of language and the three A’s.”

– Stress Mastery | W/C Hospital Tailored WunderWellbeing Program

‘Wonderfully engaging presentation to our executives. An opportunity to enhance their speaking, communication and influencing skills by creating presentations that engage the sense and the mind.”

– DHS Canberra | 50 + national leaders | 60 + state leaders | The Speakers edge

“What a great afternoon- lots of great feedback and they were able to put their learnings straight into practice. ”

– Rachelle Robinson: Manager Advisory and Support| Leadership Event Six Thinking Hats  Brisbane

“Great workshop: enjoyed reflecting on my strengths and how I interact with others. Last part gaining feedback fro the team had impact. Enthusiastic presenter.”

– Jacoba

“The team enjoyed the session and came away with some useful tools.”

– Christine Gallasch: Senior Manager Corporate Services | Productivity with P.U.N.C.H

” Thank you – I’ve had great feedback from the team about how much they enjoyed the session, and I feel we are now much better placed to move forward with an agreed value statement for the new Division.”

– General Manager: Channel Operation, Indigenous and Intensive Services

“As always, wonderful to have you work with the team. I had lots of positive feedback and compliments about your energy and ability to get the pitch right. ”

– Bridget Brill:  Executive Director Australian Passport Office | Full Day Executive Team

“Enlightening enjoyed the interactive activities, topics covered, and the positive and upbeat delivery.”

– Karen: Rural Co ( Transition from Elders) Alice Springs

” Lots of fun and positive connection across the team – hats were a hit and great engagement by all – Thank you”

– ALDI : New tailored team building day – before SA ALDI Business Launch

“Fun, interesting, enjoyed the activities and looking at the strengths of others and my team.”

– Brook

“Great to have an inspirational and motivational presentation. Worth businesses investing in.”

-Trish : Believe Theme All of Staff Event SA

On reflection of 2021, your training our leaders and HSR’s has been a highlight.

– Sally Ralph: ACHA Work Health and Safety Manager

“Thank you for an engaging and interesting virtual training session on resilience. Great strategies and tools to help with work and life. I really enjoyed the delivery style. We love learning from you.”

– Kylie & Brooke

“These sessions are really interesting and I like that they are practical and you can leave the session with something you can use.”

– General Manager: Commercial & Operations

“Insightful, I enjoyed the content and interaction. The team agreements had an impact; each person had their thoughts, and they came together. Great to understand team members strengths.”

Jeremy – NEC Darwin

“Thank you for coming to sunny WA. The feedback was very positive.”

– Rheannan : Superintendent- Native Title agreements | Heritage and Agreements | Communications and Communities

“Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. We all enjoyed it thoroughly.”

– Amparo Storey : Department of Defence Language School

” Fabulous event – the team absolutely loved it.”

Daninda – Six Thinking Hats with Strengths| Brisbane

“Everything a training session should be: educational, plenty of golden nuggets, fun and engaging. Holding the attention of a room full of millennials is no mean feat. Well done!”

-Justin : Indeed HR Leader| Client Success Department

“10/10 content and topics relevant to the group. Enjoyed the different aspects of what drives negativity and positivity”

– Grant, Site Manager

“A great day of theory and practice helped us bring the team into a closer working relationship through exercises. It provided practical tools to assist with collaborative problem-solving.”

-Aaron Crowther: Executive Director Communication and Brand | Perth

” Wonderful injection of energy, optimism and information, together with clever tools and games to kickstart our conference.

Heather – Practice Manager | Six Thinking Hats with Strengths

“Thanks again for a fantastic event! Throughout the past two days I have had a number of my team members pull me aside to thank me for what they describe as an enjoyable experience.”

– Briana Executive Assistant to Chief Marketing and Insights Officer | Tennis Australia

“10 very interesting- great to get everyone working together and enjoyed discussing communication and service”

Stepping Stones  Team leader: World Class Service + Strengths + Leadership (various)

“Insightful. Informative it made me see that trusting myself leads to trusting others; using my strengths.”

– Bianca : People and Culture Advisor IGO | Graduate Program

“Inspirational- fantastic energy and real relevant learning. Feeling ready for anything.”
– Lincoln

“Great session and I enjoyed the changes in mindset based on the words we use.”
– Dino

“Fun and informative. Enjoyed the strengths evaluation and insights and that the workshop covered areas that are not commonly discussed.”

– Francesca

‘Inspiring, highly relevant, contemporary and evidence-based. delivered with vitality and stories to give context.’

-Vesna Petiq : Learning and Development Team | Women’s and Children’s Hospital

“10 Uplifting! the presenter was very positive and inspiring and new what she was talking about. Very engaging.”

– John | LION Wellbeing Event Adelaide

“Very worthwhile- loved the positivity of the program and learning why we feel the way we do and can get caught up on things.  Friendly and engaging presenter.”

– Janeen : Adelaide Uni  Regional Support Team Event | Port Pirie

“Motivating and Inspiring. Insightful and forces you to dig deep. Great workshops.”

-Lia : IAG Wellbeing Events IAG SA

Takeaways ” Turn off notifications: More deliberate phone use: Block out time for deep thinking: Respect peoples time: Plan for energy & focus.”

– Leadership Conference Canberra: Mindfulness for Focus and Clarity

“10 Fantastic. Very motivating and encouraging” – Amy People and Culture  team

” Discovered that my feelings are ‘normal’ and my peers experience the same feelings as I do. It was good to learn evidence-based methods for coping with life’s setbacks. Would love to do more.”

“A wonderful session”

-Laura : People Team Access group| Virtual Wellbeingfor Staff

“10/10 Highly valuable and engaging. A really helpful course to make participants more aware of ways to reduce stress. I enjoyed reviewing habitual language surrounding stressful situation.”

” Enjoyable. The activities were engaging and highly relevant to the content. I’d recommend to others.”

– Cindy : EWOSA | Wellbeing and Strategic Team Building Series

The little hacks and techniques that we learned are going to be really helpful in managing the procrastinator in us, building confidence and overriding negative emotions. It was amazing to have you with us.”
– Lekshmi Raj S :  Women in Stem: Wellbeing Series Uni SA
“Interesting to learn about being mentally strong. Also learning to sometimes do the right thing for me.”

– Lorence : Daniella Secondary School | Education Support Team

“Insightful. I enjoyed the group activities and learning how to control my thinking. The commitment bit had the biggest impact because I find it hard to stick to goals.”

– Alicia Yr 11 Student | Wellbeing Week All Yr 11 Students

“Made me think more about how to turn a negative into a positive. Amazing workshop! Loved it!”

– Student Yr 10 : Gleeson College

“Really worthwhile. It made me think about public speaking in a completely new perspective – great simple tricks.”

– Hannah | The Speakers Edge | Uni SA Student leaders support since 2013

” Thank you ; the feedback has been really great. I look forward to talking about the New year workshops.”

-Kat | Program LEAD Student Community Student Retention & Success

“An enjoyable and important workshop for leadership.”

Jack Scots College Sydney

“10 Open & fun. Enjoyed the varied topics and particularly communication.”

– Jean

“Very interesting,  thank you!  food for thought and action” – Jane | Virtual participant

“Thank you Jane, wonderful workshop”- Sam| Virtual participant

“10/10 Enjoyed everything- genuinely. Well covered with so many points about bringing the best to teamwork, appreciating different personalities and self-insight. Fantastic and very worthwhile for all. Thank you.”

– Estelle

“10/10 Enjoyed reflecting on our values and why we do the job. Worthwhile and enjoyable. Bubbly and informative presenter.”

– Sarah : Seaton High School  SSO | workshop series

“Invigorating, refreshing, great content and activities. ” Leone | Certification Program

“I really enjoyed Seventeenx’s presentation last night. Great to see so many inspired speakers and attendees. You spoke with such passion! I was really inspired by your fire and enthusiasm!”
– Kira Stephens

“You are always so inspiring! I loved hearing how you are bringing the Global Goals into business, its fantastic!”

A fantastic event! I have had a number of my team members pull me aside to thank me for the enjoyable experience.

– Briana EA to Chief Marketing and Insights Officer | Tennis Australia

“10/10 Everything, scope, content. ‘realness’, energy, applicability – leaving with real scope for ideas and change personal and professional. Simple summaries”

– Anne

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