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WunderTraining Student Strengths Program

90 min In- Person
Virtual 90 mins

Onsite, Virtual, Conference

6 -1000+

Australia Wide F2F + International Virtual Delivery

Who Are You?
Building on our Strengths

Student Wellbeing | Student Personal Development | Positive Education Speaker 

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Understanding your own unique strengths and that of your team is not only fascinating but it also opens the door to a whole new level of personal empowerment and self awareness.

Our signature strengths underpin the PERMA positive psychology framework and are the path to increased positive emotions, the link to personal engagement and are at the heart of building authentic relationships. When we use our strengths positively to support the school environment , our families, friends or community we feel authentic, and a sense of purpose. They help us to bring meaning to our world.

They are always at play when we have our greatest achievements and success and fuel our intrinsic motivation.

It is one thing to know your own strengths and it is another know how to optimise them, and to use them to reach your goals. Participants will have an opportunity to learn from the VIA Institute on Character Australian Master Trainer- who has personally supported over 8,000 people to discover their strengths.

The key objectives:

  • To appreciate and understand character strengths as a source of power and our path to own true human potential.
  • To identify personal signature and situational strengths
  • Insight into personal patterns of strengths use at optimal, overuse and underuse ( senior students only)
  • To identify strengths that are personal Hot buttons and a strategy to shift the emotions that prevail
  • Strengths spotting in practice (activity)
  • Apply learning on appreciating strengths in others (GOLD)

This high energy and empowering workshop will support participants to value and appreciate their own and their peers strengths.

We also graph the collective year level culture – we find each year has a slightly different blueprint of signature strengths.

Best as a 90 min interactive workshop

Supports team building and getting to know others  

Includes discussions in small groups and also a standing activity with participants with aligned strengths + an opportunity to partner with anyone who they have not spoken to in the room.

Strengths Positive Psychology Workshop for Students
Student Wellbeing | Strengths Workshop Positive Education for Students Adelaide Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth Jane Wundersitz WunderTraining
VIA Strengths workshop for students

Who is This For?

For university or school students.  Visuals and stories are tailored to suit the demographic, age and stage of life. Interactive and energetic in-person delivery supports positive culture and connection.

We happily tailor to the university or school’s values, visions, or objectives.


School Flow on Benefits

Why invest in a student workshop?

The specific message that you want your students to hear is delivered by us independently. Our research and strategies are the latest from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and mental toughness.

Each of your students is appreciated for their uniqueness and individuality. We have the experience to work across a broad spectrum with a firm belief that personal leadership and good habits starts in the student years.


Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Large Group and Student Leadership Teams, Positive Education for Teachers and Students Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team development | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin | Hobart | Regional | Mt Gambier

Kasey Lloyd: Positive Psychologist, Large Group and Student Leadership Teams, Positive Education for Teachers and Students | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns

Claudia Chambers: Large Group and Student Leadership Teams, Positive Education for Teachers and Students | Sydney | Byron Bay | Canberra

Lorraine Donahue: Large Group and Student Leadership Teams, Positive Education for Teachers and Students| Perth



Profile Options or Pre-work

VIA Strengths Assessment

GRIT Assessment

Student Mental Toughness



In-person – Suitable for large groups of up to 250 students at tables or students seated in circles of eight. Often in auditoriums, gymnasiums or similar.

We bring table, whiteboards, workshop cards and handouts required for the workshop. AV supplied by the client.

Leadership teams – on site or locations.



This is What Our Clients Thought

"We can see a great potential for the program. One staff member commented that 'finally someone knows what they are talking about when it comes to the Character Strengths!'
This will be valuable for us to take a strategic and informed approach."

Shawn KasbergenDirector of Student Wellbeing

"A highly insightful and engaging session with the right balance between information and relevant learning activities.
Jane provided the staff from Burton Primary School the opportunity to explore their strengths with each session having a clear message and a strong emphasis on well-being for learning. Thank you Jane"

Andre NetoStudent Wellbeing Leader

"Informative and I have recommended the workshop already. Enjoyed looking at the individual and collective strengths and group work. Bubbly energetic and knowledgeable facilitator."


"Positive, fun and thought provoking. Enjoyed working with a variety of people with aligned and different strengths. Great presenter."


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