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The WunderTraining difference

We are about people and deliberately developing a growth culture.
We deliver evidence-based training that is positive, fun, highly engaging and works!

Our Values

Infectious Energy

We bring an unparalleled positive energy to every engagement and will leave your team energised.

Continuous Improvement

We continue to listen, learn and grow. We have a reputation for consistently exceeding our client's expectations with new and exciting programs and the latest research.

We Care

We put heart and soul into every engagement. We prepare thoroughly; we craft for interaction and love seeing your team members connect during the session.

Creative and Agile

We adapt, customise, and delve into best practice worldwide to ensure we have the best research and learning content to meet your challenges.

Deliver Impact

We are passionate about creating sustainable, long- term behaviour change that delivers results.

Accessible and Inclusive

We love the variety of clients we work with across Australia. Fairness, accessibility and inclusion are important to us.

Our Global Partners

We partner with the best in the field from across the World.

Upfront Engagement,
better outcomes

Our programs by design are experiential learning that is psychosocial in nature, aiming for changes in personal and organisational behaviour.

We include stimulating activities that have a real-world basis. Our activities help participants connect what they are learning to prior knowledge and apply it to new situations or problems. This, we know, is brain-friendly learning.

We know trust comes with connection, and we strategically craft opportunities to connect across the group.

Know you are making
the right choice

We happily tailor, we offer flexibility in the topics delivered, the length of workshop and group size. You are actively involved in decision-making.

A brief chat is valuable to really appreciate your objectives, and we really do tailor.

Alternatively, our ‘hero’ off the shelf workshops are tried and tested by thousands of participants, and you can book these with confidence.

And if we don’t have what you are looking for – let us know, and we will build it!

Your training partner
with a difference

When you have highly experienced, passionate and caring people partnering with you to grow your people and business, you know you are getting an incredible service.

Our bonus is our insatiable thirst for building our own knowledge.

We love to study and synthesise our new knowledge into easy to understand and practical strategies, always thinking and connecting to the relevance to today’s workplace.

Our research and content are sourced from leading universities from around the globe.

Join the Team

WunderTraining is growing rapidly, and we are always on the lookout for high energy, knowledgable, passionate contract facilitators. Send your cover letter and maximum of two-page resume to WunderTraining

We are seeking expressions of interest from facilitators from Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits in joining WunderTraining:

  • Join an extraordinary team of passionate field leaders, who love what they do.
  • Present high-quality, contemporary course materials.
  • Be a part of an established brand with a diverse national client base.
  • We are Australian partners with global, national leaders in our field.
  • Add diversity and flexibility into your work world.
  • Partner with an ethical brand that values exceptional professional training and development being accessible to all.

You are right for us if:

  • You are exceptional at what you do and have immense pride in your work.
  • You have 5+ years of experience as a facilitator and relevant qualifications.
  • You believe in equality, inclusion, value diversity, and have high social intelligence.
  • You are excited by the opportunity to work with clients from vast and varied industries and locations.
  • You are a self-driven learner and practice what you preach.
  • You are known for an optimistic mindset.
  • You are ethical and respectful of WunderTraining IP and valued partnerships.

We're right for you if:

  • You enjoy work and life and want to be part of a collective that inspires others to do the same.
  • You enjoy the combination of working autonomously but will also enjoy connecting with a highly driven collective.
  • You are interested in using your strengths in service of something bigger than you.
  • You adore serving clients.
  • You want to actively contribute to decisions and directions of a highly ambitious leader: where your thoughts and ideas are valued and welcome.

About The Founder:

Jane Wundersitz