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Emotional Intelligence the path to peak performance at work Workshop

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Emotional Intelligence + Social intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Training  | Adelaide |  Brisbane | Canberra | Hobart | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney |Australia Wide

Emotional + Social Intelligence = Sustainable Peak Performance.

Emotional intelligence is a common catalyst among all research-based peak performance drivers in today’s professional development space. Combine it with social intelligence, and you have a new level of performance.

This workshop covers the development and use of emotional intelligence to increase self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management in the workplace.

It includes identifying the impact of own emotions on others in the workplace, recognising and appreciating the emotional strengths and weaknesses, promoting the development of emotional intelligence in others and utilising it to maximise team outcomes.

Social Intelligence (SI) is the ability to build relationships and navigate social environments successfully. While society emphasises book smarts and IQ, our relationships affect a much more substantial part of our lives.

With the shift to more hybrid work environments – it is more important than ever to enable team members to understand themselves and each other better.

The most incredible feats of organisations are not due to individual effort,  but people are working together in social groups. Building collaboration and collective intelligence cannot be understood without understanding social cognition.

We explore applied neuroscience to understand psychological safety better, build emotional and social well-being, build stronger teams, and be better equipped to deal with unforeseen problems collectively.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify the impact of your emotions on others in the workplace
  • The theory and connection with emotions and thinking
  • Develop awareness of the Four-Quadrant Model of Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognise and appreciate emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify personal stressors and own emotional states related to the workplace
  • Develop an understanding of individual emotional triggers and use this awareness to enable control of emotional responses
  • An opportunity to use self-reflection and feedback from others to improve the development of your emotional intelligence
  • Utilise emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes
  • Discover and develop techniques on how to respond to the emotional states of co-workers and assess emotional cues
  • To provide you with an opportunity to self-reflect and identify situations from one’s own experience, why it is essential to take into account the emotions of others when making decisions
  • To practice techniques to assist others in understanding the effect of their behaviour and emotions on others in the workplace and to encourage the self-management of emotions in others
  • To develop an awareness of opportunities to promote a positive social  climate in the workplace
  • To use the strengths of workgroup members to achieve workplace outcomes.

Everyone can increase their emotional intelligence.

Time frames:
Full day/ Half day or 90 mins

Emotional and social intelligence for leaders
Social and Emotional Intelligence Professional DevelopmentAdelaide |Melbourne | Perth | Brisbane

Who is This For?

  • Executive Leaders looking to lead with a contemporary edge
  • Senior Leaders focussed on growing a positive, progressive and productive culture
  • Successfully delivered Public Sector, Large Scale Network Marketing, Corporate, Not For Profit
  • Leaders aiming to grow engagement
  • Team Leaders aspiring to Senior roles + Executive Assistants
  • Suitable for team leaders and new leaders – although ‘Authentic Leadership’ is our foundations program.


Team Flow on Benefits

  • Increased focus on a positive emotional culture
  • Building mental agility to be better equipped through challenges and change
  • Create a more fertile environment for collaboration, belonging and a focus on strengths.
  • Increase in positive communication.


Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector. Dip. Positive Psychology & Wellbeing specialised in Positive Leadership + 20 Years Leadership Development experience , Leading Positive Change  CWRU | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

Belinda Sudano:  Executive and Leadership Corporate  and Schools | Psychologist  Dip. Positive Psychology and Wellbeing | Melbourne

Kasey Lloyd: Executive and Leadership Corporate and Schools | Positive Psychologist  Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns



This is What Our Clients Thought

"Building your own 'inner coach' rather than your own 'inner critic'. I tend to judge myself harshly when I get things wrong or when I don't understand something. By treating myself better, I will treat others better."

AFL SportsReady National Conference Emotional intelligence, Culture, Strengths, Communication Training Full day tailored workshop for 80 participants

"Positive and thought-provoking, engaging presenter and enjoyed the focus on strengths and stepping a bit out of our comfort zone - it was good to do that for a change."

KylieUniting Care Wesley Tailored Team Building incorporating Emotional Intelligence, Strengths and Communication Adelaide

"Made me think more about how to turn a negative into a positive. Amazing workshop! Loved it!"

Women In Stem University of South Australia

"Liked Jane the best, was great to find out the styles/characteristics of others - will help working with them in the future."

AnonAFL SportsReady National Conference Emotional intelligence, Culture, Strengths, Communication Training Full day tailored workshop for 80 participants

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