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Productivity with P.U.N.C.H

Productivity with P.U.N.C.H. | Strategic Team Building | Peak Performance Training | Time Management Conference Workshop

  • Do you ever spend your day in a frenzy of activity but achieve very little? 
  • Do you ever hit Friday afternoon and realise the one thing you intended to do this week  – didn’t happen?
  • Do time-wasting habits slip into your daily routine?

A Microsoft survey of 38,000 people worldwide found that the average worker feels productive only 3 days a week.

A productive mindset makes the best use of your resources, time, energy, and effort. The Productivity with P.U.N.C.H workshop will teach you new ways to organise your time for a more productive life. We also visit techniques for rebalancing energy levels.

This is a WunderTraining Hero session and always gets rave reviews. Book with confidence, knowing your people will thank you and walk out on a mission to get stuff done!

It was everything a training session should be: educational, interactive, plenty of golden nuggets; fun, and, engaging. You brought a fantastic energy to the room . Holding the attention of a room full of millennials is no mean feat. Looking forward to working with you again. Justin : National Accounts INDEED Melbourne

High impact personal productivity. We call it Personal Productivity with P.U.N.C.H! Consistently updated and jam-packed with skills for life and work!

P: Procrastination
• Understanding “The Procrastinators Motto” and why it demotivates us.
• Why do we procrastinate and how to overcome it.
• Email mania
• Eat that frog

U: Urgent VS Important Matrix
• Evaluate where you currently spend your time.
• What is important and what is urgent in your role, and what comes first.

N: New Projects
• A compelling vision
• Getting started
• Effective and efficient meetings

C: Collaboration productivity hacks
• Persuasive language
• Delegate effectively with working styles in mind
• Notice and appreciate strengths at optimum in others

H: Heighten your energy
• Mental, emotional and physical energisers
• Insight into current trends and studies

A session for everyone! Walk away with skills applicable to both the work setting and home life!
This is available as a 3-hour Leadership or Team workshop, perfect for ‘all staff’ development days, and is a hero for large groups at a conference.

This was sensational,  it definitely made an impact  – The Global Beauty Group (Melbourne)

A great investment of my time : lots of theories and tips, engaging presenter – Alyssa Unley Council (Adelaide)

Building Motivation Workshop Perth WunderTraining

Who is This For?

Suitable for executive teams, leaders, work teams and government departments and all of staff development days.  Interactive and energetic! Virtual or in-person delivery that supports positive culture and connection.

Positive, Interactive and Energetic Conference and  Plenary Speaker

We happily tailor if there is specific challenges or changes within the business.

Team Flow on Benefits

  • Increased collective understanding of resilience.
  • Understanding of the importance of positive emotional culture at work.
  • Create a more fertile environment for participation in future workplace resilience and wellbeing initiatives.

Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team development | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin |Hobart

Sabina Vitacca: Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development | Melbourne

Kasey Lloyd: Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns

Claudia Chambers: Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. |Sydney | Byron Bay | Canberra

Lorraine Donachie: Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development. |Perth

Profile Options or Pre-work

Optional – Resilience Driven PR6 assessment  (POA – group discounts)

Pre and Post evaluation available for collective assessment: Recommended for Resilient People package.


Virtual Training Delivered by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Web-Ex. Conference or inhouse Live event we bring everything required for the workshop. AV supplied by the client.


Virtual: 6 > 1000+ participants 

  • Virtual Keynote or Conference POA from $2000 +GST
  • 90 min from $1200 +GST
  • Half/ Full day from $1600 +GST

In-Person Energising Keynote and Interactive Conference Workshop

  • Australia Keynote Plenary Speaker POA From $3000 +GST (+ travel if required)
  • Interactive Conference Workshop 90 min > full-day  POA From $2700 +GST:  cards/ table whiteboards etc. to support engagement for 26 tables groups up to 260 participants
  • International Keynote POA (post-Covid-19)

*POA Varied speakers available – travel additional

In-Person Workshop:

  • Half-Day In- house workshop POA from $2000 +GST
  • Full-Day POA from $3500 +GST

Value Package Options: Discount applies for bookings of 3 or more workshops virtual/ live or a combination. Online delivery option, please inquire.

  • Wellbeing Boost Package
  • The Pink Flamingo: Culture Transformation Package
  • Power Leaders Package
  • Power Team Package
  • Resilient People with Applied Neuroscience Package
  • Driving Positive Change Package
  • SSO Package

* Small team and Not for Profit/ Volunteer Group/ Student or Graduate groups/ Network events/ significantly COVID impacted industry / South Australian Based Business discounts-  may apply for off-peak days.

This is What Our Clients Thought

"It was everything a training session should be: educational, plenty of golden nuggets; fun, we’re all ‘eating that frog’; and, engaging. Holding the attention of a room full of millennials is no mean feat. Looking forward to working with you again."

JustinINDEED Melbourne

"Fantastic workshop and presenter - I will be sending my team."

Jasson : Team LeaderUniversity of South Australia : Work Smart Program

"We loved PUNCH a real conference highlight - insightful, engaging, and empowering. Just what we wanted."

NatalieMed Vet Conference

"Great investment of my time. Lots of different theories and tips. Engaging facilitator, great eye contact and walked the room."

AlyssaUnley council Professional Staff Development Time management, Personal productivity and positive goal setting

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