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Live Life Forward Keynote Jane Wundersitz Wellbeing Workshop

1/2 or Full Day,
90 min Virtual

Onsite, Virtual, Conference, On-line

10 -1000+

Australia Wide + International Virtual Delivery

Live Life Forward:
Happiness and Wellbeing

Life Life Forward Wellbeing Workshop| Wellbeing Conference Speaker| Positive Wellbeing Workshop Team building | Virtual Wellbeing Workshop | Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney

A workplace wellbeing event that is positive, fun and empowering.

“People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”- ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

  • Are you looking for a positive, fun and empowering event for your team, leaders, department or all-staff event?
  • Do you want something more than just a feel-good session; research-rich and delivered by charismatic presenters with positive psychology qualifications?
  • Do you want to support wellbeing + have plenty of interaction and connection?

Live Life Forward: Happiness and Wellbeing workshop has delighted thousands of participants Australia Wide.

This insightful yet candid wellbeing workshop unpacks ten ways to increase wellbeing. It is a fabulous, fun, progressive session and a guaranteed hit for executive, leadership, and all-staff events. This is our most booked wellbeing program and a popular and memorable conference workshop.

Often, people think of wellbeing in terms of happiness – what makes you feel good? We know that wellbeing entails more than simply feeling good. Engaging in life, feeling connected to others, having a purpose, and achieving things are also crucial to a person’s wellbeing. This high-impact wellbeing workshop resonates with individuals at a personal and professional level. It brings to life the latest findings from applied positive psychology – the science of wellbeing, and participants genuinely feel the power of the strategies they discover.

Participants set goals throughout to support increasing their wellbeing.

Live Life Forward Happiness and Wellbeing Workshop Overview: 

  • The Big Picture – Life in Australia and relevant current research
  • Understanding the true power of positive emotions and self-edit our emotional vocabulary
  • Identify your character strengths – the driving force behind personal action. Core alignment is vital to employee engagement, commitment, performance and decision-making.
  • Engagement –  What makes us ‘happy’ and an introduction to Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Theory.
  • Positive Relationships –Discover the research into building high-quality connections and a landmark Harvard study on a healthy and happy life.
  • Achievement –  Introduction to a simple prioritization strategy and ‘eating frogs’
  • Meaning – The Attitude of Gratitude
    It is a powerful session that embeds the foundations of wellbeing. Participants will design a beautiful day after discussing the qualities of positive subjective wellbeing. This practical activity is an applied strategy of Dr Martin Seligman. Your team will love this upbeat and insightful workshop.

Recent Client Testimonial:

“10 Fast-paced, positive and interesting. An open and honest presenter who delivered in a fun and interactive way. I enjoyed strengths – it was a great way to appreciate team differences and get to know each other authentically. Well done – Thank You ‘Janet | Department of Education | Hobart

Jane Wundersitz Keynote Speaker
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Interactive Team Building wellebing Workshop Men Wellbeing

Who is This For?

EVERYONE ! Suitable for executive teams, leaders, work teams and government departments and all of staff development days.  Positive, Interactive and Energetic Conference and  Plenary Speaker delivered to 1000+ | Excellent for Wellbeing programs

Team Flow on Benefits

  • Increased collective understanding of applied positive psychology and wellbeing
  • Understand of the importance of positive emotional culture at work.
  • Create a more fertile environment for participation in future workplace resilience and wellbeing initiatives.

Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team development | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

Belinda Sudano: Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector, Employee and Team Development | Melbourne

Jayne Hope: Team Development. | Melbourne


Profile Options or Pre-work

Optional | VIA Strengths  Option for Pro Report

This is What Our Clients Thought

"Very engaging- really good to focus on something about people over process."

Strategic Team Development Adelaide Wellbeing Workshop

"Gave participants an opportunity to take a Big Picture look at their lives and review work life/balance. Reminded me to be grateful for how lucky we are. Jane had excellent skills in re-in forcing the course themes with examples from true life. An excellent review of how you're personally travelling and committing to goals to improve/ enhance your well being."


"10 Fantastic. I though the pitch was perfect and the breadth of topics covered kept it interesting. I liked the section about our emotions and how our brain works. Excellent facilitator, positive."

ReneeStrategic Positive Team Development : Wellbeing Workshop Sydney

"10 Highly recommend. A great way to be more self aware of what's important. I enjoyed discovering my strengths and taking the time to focus on myself. Very engaging and I will be looking for the positives."

RachelWorkplace Well being Workshop : Adelaide

"You shone a light on the humorous nature of the group. You also brought them to life, even more so than usual! All in all a really positive session."

Giann MinnsGum Tree Marketing team Sydney

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