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Authentic Leadership :
Youth and Student Leaders

Student Leadership Keynote and Conference Speaker | Emerging  Leadership Student Workshop | In-person and Virtual Australia 

Adelaide | Brisbane| Canberra| Darwin| Hobart| Melbourne| Perth| Sydney| Australia Wide

Contemporary School Student Leadership Training for Prefects, University or Youth leaders

This is an empowering and insightful workshop that covers key contemporary leadership skills. This workshop is designed to stimulate positive leadership practices actively and delivers
a team-building experience. Guarantees Aha moments and practical skills and strategies student leaders can implement immediately in the school environment.

Authentic Leadership is a contemporary leadership foundations course

Leadership starts with self-development, and participants will have the opportunity to better understand and appreciate their authentic leadership style through strengths discovery. We also review the foundations of building strong one-on-one
relationships built on trust.

Participants will be better able to:

  • Enhance their personal leadership presence and authenticity through discovering their strengths. This helps to build trust.
  • Discover research-based strategies to grow their emotional intelligence.
  • Identify their strengths and ‘hot buttons’ and the shadow side to their strengths
  • Identify personal strengths couplings that fuel optimum performance
  • Understand the benefits of a coach vs critic mindset
  • Give positive and constructive feedback with the clarity of positive intent
  • Develop a clearer leadership vision of how they will authentically lead in their role as student leaders or school prefects.

The Positively Charged and Resilient Leader

  • Intro and Icebreaker: Ball toss story
    The Big Picture Australian Trends: Why do people follow?
  • Leading a positive culture: Strategies to build emotional intelligence
  • Self-Awareness card activity Why mood matters: broaden and build theory
  • Self-Management Activity: Habitual emotional language
  • Collective Reflection to support holistic and group resilience

Harnessing Authentic Strengths: energy, engagement and building trust

  • VIA character strengths: Creating trust you at your authentic best Trust foundations = Character + Competence
  • The whole student leadership collective signature strengths are graphed to appreciate collective strengths
  • Discover alignment with the student body strengths and personal alignment with the school values?
  • Discussion: story reflection in small groups and shared with the whole group.
  • Identify personal strengths couplings that fuel optimum performance

CONSOLIDATION ACTIVITY:  leadership legacy statement: 3 things you’d like to be known and remembered for.

Coaching Conversations: delivering feedback with positive intent

  • Self-reflection Activity Awareness of our own experience in receiving positive and constructive feedback in the school environment and the impact it had on behaviour
  • Positive relationships: positive communication ratio
  • Courageous conversations: Recognise the signs that it is time to talk about a situation. Identify our own barriers that prevent communicating.
  • Golden rules for the first 30 seconds
  • Use techniques to constructively initiate a feedback discussion with a team member, peer, teacher, lecturer, manager or parent.
  • Prepare for a coaching style feedback situation relevant to your situation or one that will likely arise. Establish clear positive intent to enable confidence in what you are saying. Identify practical strategies to assist when responses to feedback are unexpected.
  • The power of praise:  strengthens appreciation of others in the leadership team
  • Reflections on the day and personal relevance

Desired Leadership Team Culture 

  • Team agreements development aligned with the school values. This includes identifying acceptable and unacceptable behaviours of how they would collectively like to work together.
  • Development of a  Leadership Team vision statement
  • Reflections and close

VIA PROFILE TOOL and strengths VIA Institute on Character 

The profile evaluation is the only scientifically validated online strengths tool relevant to all cultures and is used in over 190 countries. Over 15 million people have taken it.

Jane Wundersitz is the Australian Master trainer for SMCOV/ VIA Institute on Character Premier Programs.

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Who is This For?

  • University  leadership programs
  • School Student Leadership development
  • Youth and council leadership development workshops


Team Flow on Benefits

Student Leadership Team flow-on benefits include

  • Increased engagement levels
  • Build morale and improved trust and respect for each other
  • Team members feel valued; understand how they contribute to the big picture
  • Create a more fertile environment for contribution.


Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector. Dip. Positive Psychology & Wellbeing specialised in Positive Leadership + 20 Years Leadership Development experience, Leading Positive Change  CWRU | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

Belinda Sudano:  Executive and Leadership Corporate and Schools | Psychologist  Dip. Positive Psychology and Wellbeing | Melbourne

Kasey Lloyd: Executive and Leadership Corporate and Schools | Positive Psychologist  Brisbane | Gold Coast | Cairns


Profile Options or Pre-work

VIA Strengths or VIA Me student report


This is What Our Clients Thought

"We could feel your energy beaming through our screens.
It was such a positive, engaging and insightful session. Can’t wait to put it all into practice!"

Ellie ScanlonSeda College: Melbourne Student Leadership Team

Interactive, Informative and helped me grow. Enjoyed it all, the presenter was zest, kind and open to listening.

Sara| Student Leader 2022SMT Queensland Academy

An enjoyable explanation of key points of leadership. Liked the atmosphereand that it was interactive an showed me who I am.

LC | Student Leader 2021SMT Queensland Academy

An enjoyable and important workshop for our leadership team.

JackThe Scots College : Sydney

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