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Best Leadership Program, Leaders Workshop. Leaders training

equivalent to 5 Days (blended delivery style)

On location, In person Conference,

8-25 inhouse

Australia Wide + International Virtual Delivery

Best Ever Leadership Program

Leadership Program | Emerging  Leaders | In-person and Virtual Australia 

Adelaide | Brisbane| Canberra| Darwin| Hobart| Melbourne| Perth| Sydney| Australia Wide

The BEST EVER leadership program for today’s world is here.

Calling all ambitious emerging leaders and those looking to level up their leadership skills!
Introducing our Best Ever Leadership Package – ELEVATE For Emerging Leaders and Top Talent.

We believe that true success comes when knowledge meets action. This package goes beyond theory by providing hands-on exercises, practical tools, and personalised coaching sessions tailored just for you.

This comprehensive best practice program is designed specifically for those serious about making a lasting impact in their organisation by rewriting what contemporary leadership looks and feels like. With the ELEVATE Best-Ever Leadership Package, you’ll access contemporary leadership development from the comfort of your workplace or home.
We can deliver in-person, hybrid or virtual + online options ( coming soon) + We happily customise for your organisation.

  • We understand that staying ahead of the latest training trends and creating innovative growth opportunities is essential in today’s fast-paced world.
  • We don’t save the best for the executive leaders  – every leader deserves to have the latest strategies to work smarter and not harder and to influence and connect with the applied wisdom accessible from neuroscience.– Don’t settle for mediocrity – invest in your people with Wundertraining’s ELEVATE Best-Ever Leadership Package today!Email: directly for a brochure or Zoom connect.
    + Expressions of interest for our state-based public in-person + virtual/ online combo – request 2024 dates

Workshop Objective:

  • Participants will role model a high-performing team and foster a culture of collaboration and trust.
  • Discover the latest in neuroscience to support peak human performance. Discover techniques necessary to enable employees to reach their full potential by elevating the emotional and social culture and norms of belonging.
  • Learn how to build strategy and improve your organisation’s social, environmental and economic impact. Discover a change strategy toolkit to embed change.
  • Develop the skills and confidence needed to influence. Understand how to build high-quality connections, communicate with a purpose that inspires and deliver a message with authenticity and impact. Discover what it takes to become an inspirational leader, from setting and communicating goals to fueling action.
Best ever leadership program, Emerging Leaders, wundertraining, jane wundersitz
Best Ever Leadership Program, WunderTraining, Jane Wundersitz, Leadership package, emerging leaders
Best ever leadership program, Emerging Leaders, wundertraining, jane wundersitz
elevate leadership, best leadership program, Leadership program, leadership workshop, leaders training, leaders

Our Approach

Strong Team Dyamics, Team building workshop. Keynote,
MIndset Matters Most in the workplace, Mindset for work. Mentak health.
Positive leadership, positive leader
Advanced communication, difficult conversation, receiving and giving feedback
Emerging Leaders, Leadership development, Future leaders, Young leaders, Leadership skills, Leadership potential, Leadership training, Leadership growth, Leadership programs, Leadership qualities, Leadership initiatives, Leadership empowerment, Leadership aspirations, Leadership opportunities, Leadership mentoring,
Boost Performance, being more effective at work. Level up performance.
Elevate leadership performance, leadership training. emerging leaders.
Celebrate leaders, appreciation, congratulate leaders

Who is This For?

  • Suitable for emerging leaders, top talent programs, and senior leaders looking to update their leadership skills. Interactive and energetic in-person delivery supports positive culture and connection.  We happily tailor if there are specific challenges or changes within the business.

Expert Facilitators

Jane Wundersitz: Australia & International Virtual delivery. Keynote Plenary Speaker, Conference, Executive and Leadership, Public Sector. Dip. Positive Psychology & Wellbeing specialised in Positive Leadership + 20 Years Leadership Development experience, Leading Positive Change  CWRU | Australia Wide | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney | Perth | Alice Springs | Brisbane |Darwin

The WunderTraining National Team all have specialty areas – and we can have a mix of presenters  across the program or one for consistency. You decide what will be best for your cohort.

Profile Options or Pre-work

Inc. VIA Strength | Psychological Safety | Six Hats Thinking Style option to include Brain Prism Profile

These are the testimonials shared by our clients.

"We could feel your energy beaming through our screens.
It was such a positive, engaging and insightful session. Can’t wait to put it all into practice!"

Ellie ScanlonSeda College: Melbourne Student Leadership Team

Interactive, Informative and helped me grow. Enjoyed it all, the presenter was zest, kind and open to listening.

Sara| Student Leader 2022SMT Queensland Academy

An enjoyable explanation of key points of leadership. Liked the atmosphereand that it was interactive an showed me who I am.

LC | Student Leader 2021SMT Queensland Academy

Another excellent session. We had fantastic feedback

Liz Operations ManagerModere

Best Ever Leadership Program

Team building is essential to the success of any organisation.  Discover how to strengthen team dynamics, establish positive rituals and build a sense of belonging.  We promise you will see teams differently. View the full objective →

Discover the secrets of boosting your employees ’ performance and inspiring them to reach their full potential. We’ll cover topics such as setting objectives, coaching and feedback, delegation and motivation. View the full objective →

This workshop will help you understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and how to incorporate it into your organisation. Learn about stakeholder management, sustainability, ethical decision-making and more. View the full objective →

Improve your public speaking skills in order to present your ideas effectively. We’ll cover topics such as body language, voice projection, storytelling and more. View the full objective →

Team building is essential to the success of any organisation. Your top team is no different. In fact, they must role model what high-performance and sustainable business practice looks like. View the full objective  →

WunderTraining Power Packages

WunderTraining Virtual Training Programs

Join Jane Wundersitz, an esteemed and award-winning leadership and team growth program speaker. With her captivating presence and wealth of experience, Jane has become a trusted authority in empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Through engaging and insightful keynotes, workshops, and programs, Jane has inspired countless professionals to embrace effective leadership strategies, foster collaborative environments, and drive exceptional team performance.

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