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Creativity team building workshop for leaders and teams Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney. Creative Keynote Conference workshop Australia wide

Leveraging creativity is a critical success factor for today’s challenging workplaces. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be an artist. It’s not IF you’re creative – it’s HOW you’re creative. The fact is everyone is creative. Just as there are multiple styles of intelligence, there are multiple styles of creativity that produce different yet equally valuable results.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” Anais Ni
Contemporary life is unintentionally conferring a competitive advantage on individuals and institutions that embrace change, encourage innovation and exhibit flexibility.

This workshop is based on the work of Levesque who constructed a research-based model of creative personalities that is rooted in the pioneering work of Carl Jung and tied to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Using data extracted from original research and these models she identified eight ‘Talent types or orientations that individuals possess

In this interactive session, you will discover and develop your own creative skills and gain insight into how you can approach workplace challenges through a creative lens.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understand breakthrough creativity and the impact of creative talent differences
• Identify one’s creative talents and recognize the contributions of each style
• Improve problem-solving and inventive thinking capabilities

Discover your kind of creative talent are you?
• A spontaneous fun living ADVENTURER?
• A NAVIGATOR, an astute observer and thoughtful adapter?
• An EXPLORER, pulsating with possibilities?
• A futuristic VISIONARY?
• A strategic- focused PILOT?
• A paradigm-shifting INVENTOR?
• A HARMONIZER, building trust and consensus?
• or a Value-Based POET?

For a half-day workshop, we recommend coupling with
6 Hats Collaborate and Think BIG

Recent testimonials:
‘Really enjoyed actually problem-solving using the processes and the group’s strengths.’

‘New techniques learned which will help for future ideas & problem-solving. I wasn’t sure what to expect and found it really interesting’

‘Really enjoyed it! It had several areas that had an impact- the Six hats thinking when evaluating new ideas, understanding data collection and action styles.’

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