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positive feedback

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback lets an individual know that expectations are being met, results are being produced, and the person/group is making progress.

Positive feedback is important for four reasons:

  1. It shows staff that people notice when staff members carry out work tasks correctly.
  2. It highlights to staff what their team members and management expects from
  3. It enforces and promotes positive performance.
  4. It keeps morale high even in the toughest situations

Neuroplasticity and Praise

There is a neurochemistry behind praise that actually triggers neurotransmitters that release specific chemicals that impact ‘confidence’ and ‘social composure’. Once these chemicals are released, they give a person’s brain the ability to sustain working on projects even under stress – which means that a person essentially will have greater intention and attention to staying on a project longer to get a result – rather than bailing out midstream and only achieving a fraction of what they could otherwise accomplish.

This positive energy also spreads outward from the recipient of the feedback and affects other team members. As additional positive feedback is given in the workplace, team members feel a greater sense of teamwork and cooperation.

Tips for Positive Feedback

  • Observe individual performance
  • Be clear- what is the behaviour that you appreciate
  • Consider what is the positive impact of the performance/ improvement  on you, the team, and the business
  • Praise immediately

How we respond when others share triumphs directly builds or undermines   relationships.  Research shows that being supportive when good things happens is as important in building relationships as supporting when bad things happen.

Can you think of someone deserving of positive feedback in your team?





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