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Do your best by working to your strengths with Jane Wundersitz

So often we focus on our weaknesses, the areas we struggle with, or need to improve. But what if we instead focused on and worked to our strengths?

Interest and appreciation of a strengths-based approach to work and life are growing due to proven benefits in mood, productivity, results and more.

This episode’s guest is Jane Wundersitz from WunderTraining.

Jane is a trainer and speaker with a focus on knowing and working to your strengths, alongside positive psychology, well-being and more.

In this episode we discuss:

•the benefits of identifying and working to your strengths, both as an individual and a team

•how collective strengths can impact workplace culture

•how strengths can make you feel energised or disengaged

•potential brand and marketing implications of knowing your organisation’s strengths

•the impact of strengths on resilience

•and more. Jane also shares with us what she is learning at the moment, and her top recommendation to help you be prepared to do your best online.


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Here are some resources we mention during the episode…

Take your free VIA Strengths Assessment:

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Business as Unusual: The Triumph of Anita Roddick

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