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Sustainable Development Goals : Guest Speaker and Panelist

On July 18, 2019, the S.D.G. Student Hub: the University of Adelaide supported the educational event SEVENTEENx, which showcased some of Adelaide’s most innovative individuals, entrepreneurs and leading organizations, focusing on S.D.G. 4 – Quality Education. In the style of a TEDx event, four speakers had 17 minutes to tell their story of how personal choices, decisions, and actions can positively impact people and the planet. The speakers included:

  • d’Arcy Lunn, Founder & Co-Director of Teaspoons of Change

  • Mathew D’Onofrio, Young Entrepreneur & Founder of Nightlife First Aid

  • Jane Wundersitz, Master Trainer & Founder of Wundertraining

  • Dr Sukhbir Sandhu, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability and Ethics at UniSA Business School.

The event was an exciting opportunity to discuss how the Adelaide community can embrace the S.D.G.s and build local solutions effectively. Hub members learned and shared the S.D.G. Students Program with interested students and potential partners.

Jane’s presentation was P.O.P. Culture – People on Purpose: Her delivery reflected on her time at The Body Shop and the connection to sustainable business practices. The positive impact this had on the staff, customers, business and examples of how businesses can introduce and align with the Sustainable Development Goals. It was a part of the culture that people were proud of and attracted staff. Connecting to the Sustainable Development Goals now for business is essential; it builds ethics in business, attracts and retains staff and is the path to sustainable business success. Recent examples of WunderTraining supporting business introducing SDG’s include working with Hitachi Executive Team | Tennis Australia and it is a popular option for ‘Six Thinking Hats’ Strategy Session.

Feedback from Jane’s delivery.

You’re a star – so grateful to have your insights and energy was awesome : Mick Hase – SDG x Event Cooridnator

You spoke with such passion- I was inspired by your fire and enthusiasm  :  Kira Stephens  – Audience Member

Sustainable Development Goals Keynote speaker Jane Wundersitz
Sustainable Development Goals Panel Speaker Jane Wundersitz
Jane Wundersitz and Anita Roddick
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