"A leaders job
is to look
into the future
and see the organisation,

not as it is
but as
it should be."
Jack Welch


Positive Leader

Having a position, title or degree doesn't qualify anyone to lead other people.

In fact most of us have experienced a Manager or Supervisor who was a dud and needed to lose their ego and develop some people skills. I would also hope you have worked for at least one who inspired you. Positive Leadership is essential in 2016 and leaders need to know more about their people than ever before. They'll need to know their strengths, emotional hot buttons as well as the essence that makes them tick. We have workshops to inspire and up-skill both seasoned and new to leadership.

True Leadership Foundations 2017

An empowering and insightful workshop which covers the core of leadership skills as well as developing your authentic style and personal leadership strengths. This is the essential workshop for anyone who is new to Leadership, wants to consolidate their existing skills or to gain a better understanding of contemporary Leadership practices. It will have a positive and lasting impact.

ASA : Leaders as Strengths Coaches

Strengths coaching has emerged as an important vehicle for discovering and unleashing potential. We will be bringing evidence-based tools from the field of positive psychology and the best coaching strategies into a highly engaging and practical strengths coaching workshop. We're excited!

VIA Premier : Manager as Optimizer

This is a one-day workshop designed to optimize the way managers lead, support and interact with their employees. The research-based principles presented in this course have been shown to improve management effectiveness, work relationships and work satisfaction for the people who apply them. This is a VIA Premier Program.

Positively Charged and Resilient

Emotionally resilient and positive leaders are able to maintain – and even supercharge their performance in times of challenge, and have an in-built ability to bounce back from setbacks. This empowering and positive interactive seminar supports teams to move forward professionally and personally.