"A leaders job
is to look
into the future
and see the organisation,

not as it is
but as
it should be."
Jack Welch


Positive Leader

Positive Leadership is essential in 2018 and leaders need to know more about themselves and their people than ever before. They'll need to know their own and their team members strengths, emotional hot buttons as well as be able to communicate effectively. We have workshops to inspire and up-skill both seasoned and new to leadership.

How do you create and cultivate the culture you need to succeed as an organisation? How do you create vision, communicate it throughout the organisation and stay on-point during challenging times? You prepare and communicate positively, with impact, you empower to strive for continued growth and yet deliver stability.

Positive Leadership 2018 (Hero)

Leadership starts with self-development and participants will closely examine how they show up as leaders and develop their own powerful leadership brand and vision. This is the essential workshop for anyone who is new to Leadership, or who wants to gain a better understanding of contemporary Leadership practices.

Flourish: The Science of Wellbeing

This is a 2.5 hour comprehensive positive, fun and empowering program which brings current research into a well rounded, interactive and insightful workshop. High impact for real life application.

Positively Charged and Resilient (EQ)

Emotionally resilient and positive leaders are able to maintain – and even supercharge their performance in times of challenge, and have an in-built ability to bounce back from setbacks. This empowering and positive interactive workshop supports teams to move forward professionally and personally.

Visionary Communication: Positive Influence

Great communication characterises high functioning workplaces. The Visionay Communicating program will build your ability to influence, listen and speak effectively when it matters most.