PRISM Brain Profile and Debrief


We recommend the PRISM Professional which provides you with the most comprehensive insights into your

  • Behavioural and work preferences Maps
  •  Emotional Intelligence
  •  Mental Toughness
  • The Big Five.

This also includes a 90 minute, one-to-one zoom debrief session so you can evaluate your true potential and act on it. Your Professional report is delivered via our digital PRISM iMap platform.

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NEW 2022:

PRISM Brain Mapping is a sophisticated, online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences related to personal relationships and work performance.

By studying the brain directly, we get to connect straight with the ‘source’ of human performance, rather than interacting through models developed through empirical observation alone.

Neuroscience is highly complex, and its terminology is often difficult to comprehend. In essence, PRISM Brain Mapping’s goal is to make this complex information as practical and as easy to understand as possible. It is about enabling people with no neuroscientific background to understand and use some of the latest discoveries of brain science in their personal and business lives. Neuroscience will only be truly useful in business if those using it can understand it.

Perfect for Executives, Senior leaders and growing your Top Talent.

Debrief is with an accredited PRISM Brain Practitioner who has also completed the Advanced Diploma in Neuroscience of Leadership


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