Positive Leadership

Is it time for a new positive chapter?

Are you tired of negativity infecting your leadership team?

Imagine all leaders being on the same page, being accountable for the culture they create, leading by example, + armed with a new tool kit of strategies they will be excited to try out?

Positive Leadership is a research-backed style of leadership that is perfect for those wanting to build a positive and progressive leadership style across the organisation—elevating positivity, inclusion+ a feeling of belonging and collective purpose.

Whilst each leader has their own unique strengths and skillset, this is a best practice framework that brings consistency across an organisation dedicated to providing an environment for all employees to flourish.

This workshop covers five key components:

1) Fostering a positive climate: where positive emotions predominate over negative emotions in the work environment.

2) Engaging in positive communication: where affirmative and supportive language replaces negative and critical language.

3) Building positive relationships: a source of enrichment and vitality to the person and the organisation.

4) Reinforcing positive meaning: People feel like they are engaging in meaningful work and positive outcomes.

5) Appreciative Inquiry

Workshop Objectives:

  • Build Positive Culture and self-regulation: Discover research-based strategies to grow their emotional intelligence. 94% of top performers are high in emotional intelligence.
  • Identify key strategies to create a positive environment, including cultivating forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.
  • Build relational Culture – Understand the benefits of a coach vs critic mindset and positive communication strategies
  • Give positive and constructive feedback with the clarity of positive intent
  • Develop a clearer leadership vision and communicate purpose at a personal and collective level through story.
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Solve problems within an organisation in a positive and forward-thinking way.
  • Be more curious and excited about the challenges faced within the business. Ask positive questions to strengthen the organisations capacity to increase potential.
  • Approach change in an affirmative mindset.

* Strengths are included if participants have not completed our Foundation Authentic Leadership program

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2500+ Participants Corporate, Government, Manufacturing, Retailers, Universities and Schools, Not For Profit Leaders have all loved this program. Delivered Australia wide *

Pictures: Modere National Conference Perth Pre-workshop to 250 Network Marketing Leaders 5 hours | Shark Bay WA Community Leadership Program

*If you wish to attend a Virtual Public Event and it is not currently listed, please get in touch, and we will schedule one for you. Successfully delivered to 100+ leaders virtually 2 x 90min sessions.

We recommend-  ‘Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance’ book by Professor Kim Cameron.