Live Life Forward

“People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”- ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

  • Are you looking for a positive, fun and empowering event for your team, leaders, department or all staff event?
  • Do you want something more than just a feel-good session; research-rich and delivered by charismatic presenters with positive psychology qualifications?
  • Do you want to support wellbeing + have plenty of interaction and connection?

Live Life Forward was the first-ever session we created. It is still our favourite and has delighted thousands since 2012.

An insightful yet candid look at 10 ways to increase wellbeing. A fabulous, fun and progressive session. A MUST in 2021! A guaranteed hit for executive teams, leadership teams, core teams and is a hero for conferences.

Often, people think of well-being in terms of happiness – what makes you feel good? We know that well-being entails more than simply feeling good. Engaging in life, feeling connected to others, having a sense of purpose, and achieving things are also important to a person and their well-being.

This is a high impact workshop that resonates with individuals at a personal and professional level.  It brings to life the latest findings from the science of well-being – applied positive psychology and people genuinely feel it.

Participants set goals to support increasing their well-being.

Workshop Overview: 

  • The Big Picture – Life in Australia and relevant current research
  • Understanding the true power of positive emotions and self edit our emotional vocabulary
  • Identify your character strengths – the driving force behind personal action. Core alignment provides a vital link to employee engagement, commitment, performance and decision making.
  • Engagement –  What makes us ‘really happy’ and an introduction to Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Theory.
  • Positive Relationships –Discover the research into building high-quality connections and a landmark Harvard study on a healthy and happy life.
  • Achievement –  Introduction to a simple prioritization strategy and ‘ eating frogs’
  • Meaning – The Attitude of Gratitude
    A powerful session that embeds the foundations of well-being at a personal level. After discussing the qualities of positive subjective wellbeing, participants will design a ‘beautiful day’. This practical activity is an applied strategy of Dr Martin Seligman. Your team will absolutely love this positive and insightful workshop.

Adjacent is a 1 min video of Berrenberg – all of the staff day.*  This perfectly captures our signature style – designed to engage all learners through a highly visual presentation, group discussion, and personal reflection. Even those who may feel apprehensive about what the workshop may entail – find themselves completely engaged.   *To get a feel for this program. A wonderful organisation to work with and a pleasure to deliver this at their state conference.

“More beneficial than you will ever imagine. Excellent session and highly engaging.”

– Shane H.R Bendigo and Adelaide Bank