Leading A Well Team

Brilliant for newly formed teams, merged teams, tricky teams and performing teams. Our HERO  Team building session loved by 1000’s! A guaranteed HIT with your team.  It is hard for even the toughest critic in your team not to enjoy this session. 


The blend of content and activities will support the group to build relationships, establish the core foundations for a positive and progressive team, and build alignment with your desired culture. Positive, powerful and energising.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Build a compelling and accessible vision of positive team/ organisation culture for collective success.
  • Understand personal behaviour and that of others with greater insight.
  • Build knowledge of personal strengths and those of their co-workers.
  • Connect with foundation values for team success and alignment with company vision and values.
  • Build a working together agreement and take ownership of team attitude and acceptable behaviours.
  • Discover three key strategies to increase your ability to communicate positively.

Why we use VIA Strengths in this workshop?

We use VIA Strengths: This is the only online scientifically researched strength tool that is valid across all cultures and is used in over 190 countries. Strengths use and appreciation in the workplace directly correlate to individual and team performance, engagement and workplace morale. VIA Strengths underpin the Positive Psychology PERMA framework.

Why Team Agreements:
Building the team agreements enables all team members to contribute individually and collectively to what they desire for agreed acceptable and unacceptable behaviours within the team to reach peak performance.
This activity always has 100% engagement and is delivered in an interactive and activity-based manner and connects to the organisation values. The varied thoughts are collated together and provide the basis of a facilitated discussion in a respectful and safe environment.  ( If your company values need some rework – we can do that too)