Leading A Well Team

‘If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been to bed with a mosquito.’

In this highly engaging and immersive workshop, we discover and build a forward strategy and skillset to support you to lead a well team from the front. It starts with you!

We look at the business case and ‘Why’ it is not just valuable but essential in today’s uncertain and unpredictable work environment to support and care for our people and ourselves and why your team members will choose to follow your lead.

We draw on applied positive psychology, neuroscience and resilience-building strategies. It is often the ‘little stuff’ coupled with mindful communication and consistency in a few key areas that makes a big difference

The three core areas we

  • Positive Leadership is the application of Positive Psychology to the human challenges in the workplace.
  • Purposeful Leadership is a commitment to aligning with organisational purpose, core values and vision – it becomes a fulfilling and infectious driving strategy. It enables leaders to cut through the clutter of decision-making. We utilise VIA strengths to support this path and process.
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership through challenge and change: we bring a new set of skills to communicating effectively through change, challenge and transition. To embrace change with mental agility and to support others.
  • Cultivating Psychological Safety discover foundation skills to create a safer and higher-performance work environment by utilising the SCARE framework and understanding threat and reward cues.

The best part of the strategies shared – it breeds a new level of ethics and trust that your people can feel throughout the organisation. It feels positively good!

Workshop objectives:

  • Learn the science that underpins the benefits of positive leadership
  • Adopt the core behaviours that build and sustain positive emotional climates in the workplace
  • Identify the two key elements in building high-quality connections
  • Identify your strengths and identify how you can optimise them as a leader – the best of and the shadow side.
  • Use methods to better appreciate the dynamics in your team through a strength lens
  • Develop practical communication strategies for supporting yourself and others through change and transition
  • Discover your psychological safety blueprint
  • Discover why a message delivered can impact ourselves and others with a varied response level of arousal ranging from calm to agitated.
  • Adopt mindful communication to fuel reward in the five psychological safety zones.
  • Create an action plan for implementing your learnings

Your Facilitator is Jane Wundersitz

Jane Wundersitz is an award-winning,  high energy and engaging speaker who has the ability to inform and involve audiences simultaneously! Her delightful and positive approach complements the active learning environment.

Jane has worked in people and culture development for over 20 years and has delivered to over 30,000 participants. She has prior international National Leadership Training Manager experience and spent over a decade as State Business Manager and People and Culture Training Manager at The Body Shop. She commenced WunderTraining in 2012 and has developed over 40 programs to support Leadership, People and Culture Development. She believes that every business is a human enterprise. She has delivered to executive and senior leaders from Blue chip organisations and top Australian Organisations, including Microsoft, Qantas, Rio Tinto, Macquarie, IAG, Flight Centre, Loreal,  Aldi, Anytime Fitness, Lorna Jane,  Australia Post, Priceline, Executive and Senior Leadership in over 20 Government Departments, Universities and Schools,  Not for profit Groups. She has supported many in the health sector, including ACHA Health, General Practice Training in Brisbane and Melbourne and SAHMRI.