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Delivering Australia wide workshops in positive team building, positive leadership development, keynote speaking, positive culture & workplace wellbeing and resilience.

With over 30,000 participants having been Wunder trained, you can now join the 7000+ people have discovered their strengths.

Our workshops-by-design support positive culture and strategic team building – irrespective of the subject matter delivered.

It is proven high-performing teams have many connection points across an organisation. Relationships matter as they builds trust and enables more of the conversations that should occur to support ongoing problem solving.

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Make Team Building Easier

We know it can be hard to choose the best workshops if you’re not sure what you actually need, or even if they could benefit you at all! Getting your head around the difference between professional development, conferences, and team building can be difficult – especially when you and your team all learn differently.

We provide you with the professional support you need to develop your organisational culture.

From contemporary leadership and strategic team development to creating awesome, engaging, research-based training – we love providing you with the tools to empower.

We do this through training and conference workshops that are designed to leave you better than when you started.

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

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  • We ensure the session is fun to participate in, learning is active, and participants stay involved throughout the session.
  • We support an environment that is inclusive – so participants “come along” in the journey, and feel physically and emotionally comfortable enough to participate and offer ideas in the learning environment.
  • We have exceptional power points and high visual content and consolidate and encourage guided discussions rather than speaking at participants.



  • Our facilitators immerse themselves in their topics and are passionately interested in what they present. They have both the credentials and practical work and life experience in the subject.



  • Our goal is for participants to feel compelled and able to put things into practice and make a positive difference in real-time.


We understand that for any kind of training to be effective, participants must choose to apply whatever new skills or behaviours they’ve just learned back on the job or personally.


All workshops are offered as keynote and half or full workshops. We happily tailor content.

Wundertraining works with a huge diversity of clients. Including many of Australia's top 50 organisations in banking, finance, insurance and mining. We support national service providers, retailers, supermarket and real estate teams. We regularly support national and state-based government departments, councils, Universities, and Schools. We support an array of dynamic not for profit groups, boutique brands and family-owned businesses. We love the variety, please see our clients and their feedback on our testimonials page.

Please visit our Testimonials to support this

We most often deliver in-house workshops and at conferences. We happily tailor to your needs and after a brief phone consult, written enquiry or a meeting we can assist you with deciding on which workshop will best suit your objectives.

We happily tailor.

All of our team members who present workshops that apply and share the principles and strategies from the field of Positive Psychology have one of the following nationally accredited qualifications.


Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing The Langley Group Institute

Masters in Positive Psychology Melbourne University

Masters in Coaching Psychology- with Positive Psychology subjects Melbourne University

*One team member has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology/ Masters in Cognitive Psychology/ is completing a Doctoral in Education and teaches Positive Health and Wellbeing at University level and this incorporates Positive Psychology subject matter.

All exact qualifications are listed in team member profiles and all certifications are sighted.

Jane Wundersitz loving researches and crafts our high interaction and engaging workshops.

Our clients love the WunderTraining style of workshop. It is the perfect blend of incorporating great research-rich and current content and the cognitive research into how people learn, which creates a positive, engaging and inclusive learning environment. Jane had 15 years prior career experience in delivering high-quality- leadership, team development, communication, customer service, stress and time management training, and four years in developing wellbeing workshops and delivering emotional intelligence and a Certificate IV in Training and Assesment. But, what elevates the workshop design is Jane’s creative edge- she loves researching and building the workshops as much as delivering them.

Jane has a degree in Visual Arts and loves sourcing amazing visuals to assist participants with retention and engagement.

If you sprinkle on top, the experience of delivering to over 35,000 participants- you have a very unique workshop feel… this is the WoW of WunderTraining!


And why we love testimonials like this…


“Thank you very much for speaking to our sales and management teams at our Regional Conference in Cairns last week. It was a high energy session and the interactive nature of your presentation made it one of the most talked-about parts of our conference.

How you connected videos, charts, table exercises and commentary together created a very powerful and memorable experience.

I personally really liked the style of your delivery which connected very well with the audience and the tailoring of your key messages back to our company and our conference theme.

I am sure we will see you again at one of our future events.”

Andy Jones: Managing Director/Senior Vice President PACIFIC, AS APAC