Wellness Wunder Bites

Designed to keep you in front, agile and productive. We update our bites regularly and can combine any of our programs for a tailored half or full day workshop. Great for conferences, leadership meetings or team development.

TRUE Strength

Understanding your own unique strengths and that of your team is not only fascinating but it also opens the door to a whole new level of teamwork, trust and productivity.

Mindfulness: for focus and clarity

Evidence based scientific research has shown that the practice of mindfulness techniques is an effective strategy to enhance cognitive performance including sustained focus and attention, enhanced clarity and creativity, increased ability to perform under pressure and adaption to change.

Mastering Stress: A lifestyle approach

Stress is thought to be the enemy of productivity, health and wellbeing. What if we viewed it differently? What if we viewed work/life balance as an achievable goal? How often do we get the opportunity to sit back and think about the shape our days are taking... our life is taking? What is important? Did you know that stress claims cost Australian businesses more than $10 billion a year?

BRAIN BOOST: time to feel brain fit

Irrespective of your role at work or home there seems a common catch cry that ‘there is no time to think’. It seems life today is in fast forward. Our super busy, super productive lives mean every waking moment is filled to the brim with activity. If you think your super busy brain is feeling a little frayed this is the workshop for you!