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"People are about as Happy as they make up their minds to be"- ABRAHAM LINCOLN. A brilliant session that you will love! An insightful yet candid look at Positive Psychology and 10 ways to increase wellbeing. A fabulous, fun and progressive session. A MUST in 2018!

Often, people think of well-being in terms of happiness – what makes you feel good? We know that well-being entails more than simply feeling good. Engaging in life, feeling connected to others, having a sense of purpose, and achieving things are also important to a person and their well-being.

This is a high impact workshop that resonates with individuals at a personal and professional level.

Live Life Forward is contemporary in content and by design. It brings to life the latest findings of Positive Psychology - the science of well-being in a very real sense. The program is designed to engage all learners through a highly visual presentation, group discussion and personal reflection. Even those who initially feel apprehensive about what the workshop may entail - find themselves completely engaged and comfortable in the environment. A guaranteed hit for executive teams, leadership teams, core teams and is a hero for conferences.

Participants set goals to support increasing their personal well-being.

Content Includes:

1) Core Values: Identify your character strengths - the driving force behind personal action. Core alignment provides a vital link to employee engagement, commitment, performance and decision making.

2) Introduction to habits and mindful behaviour

3) Understanding Positive emotion and hedonic happiness
• Identify what makes us happy?
• Explore pleasure and happiness.
• A self edit of how we spend our time?
• Reflection of money and happiness and recent studies.

4) Engagement
• What makes us really happy and an introduction to flow theory.
• Identify activities that provide flow.
• Design their own 'beautiful day'

5) Positive Relationships
• Highlights the importance of positive relationships for well being.
• Identify participants positive support network.
• 100/0 principle - provides a simple strategy to be accountable for an important relationship that they would like to improve.
• The power of appreciation and looking for the good in others.
• Acts of kindness
• Understand the power of self talk

6) Meaning
• The Attitude of Gratitude
• Contribution and building a life of purpose

7 Achievement
• Introduction to a simple prioritisation strategy
• Goal setting activity

A powerful session which embeds the foundations of well- being at a personal level. Your team will absolutely love this positive and insightful workshop.

EXTERNAL EVENT : Friday February 9th 2018
Book and pay through try booking
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9am- 12.30pm

You can attend attend the morning or attend for the full day
Applied Positive Psychology: PERMA + and VIA Strengths
and enjoy the first and second workshop
Try Booking: Harnessing Strengths : Amplify your energy and Performance pm 1.30- 5.00 pm $176

Full Day rate: $308
Try Booking : Applied Positive Psychology: PERMA + and VIA Strengths
Full day"

Morning coffee included - cafeteria onsite

Whilst the content resonates and is easily understood for participants it takes actual effort to put these principles into practice.

I have had many emails, often months and years after the workshop sharing how it has significantly impacted a participant's life.

Examples include
- A participant loosing over 23 kilos in four months after the workshop and another parting with a cigarette addiction. - A participant 10 years later acknowledged the lasting impact of changing their self talk on their self esteem.

The impact is vast and varied from seeking the skills of a financial planner, or booking a much needed family holiday, some have learnt an instrument, bought a bike, run a marathon, taken up study, connected with long lost friends, recharged personal relationships, committed to regular acts of kindness or volunteering.

This is the true success of the workshop.
Please review testimonials for immediate impact.

Recent Testimonials

"10/10 More beneficial than you will ever imagine. Excellent session and highly engaging." Shane (H.R Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

"10/10 Awesome. Enjoyed the whole program." Anu (Shared Services- Government)

"10/10 Always fun and inspiring." Kelly Savill (Lorna-Jane Leadership and Development Manager South Australia)


Jane Wundersitz the founder of Wundertraining passionately and energetically brings the content to life through story and life examples. She has near 20 years experience as a presenter and through personal interest added personal development and well being programs into her corporate training for the past 15 years. She wholeheartedly believes it is essential in building a positive workplace culture. Jane is the Australian Master Trainer for VIA Institute on Character the global hub for Positive Psychology Strengths research. She completed her Positive Psychology qualifications in 2015 and specialised in Positive Leadership and Coaching. She has been a global pioneer in bringing this material to the workplace since 2004.

This workshop is currently a 3.5 hour workshop but can be tailored to available time frame.
• Suitable for small are large groups 100+
• Can be tailored to incorporate company values and vision.
• Best at tables of 5 -10 however we have 100 clipboards available for theater style seating.
• Includes A5 goal setting workbooks.

Please contact via website for a quote or package options

This is the workshop you will want every department and team member to experience.

Feel free to call Jane to discuss further on 0430297970.

We can run this for your team at a private venue or your workplace. Great for a New Year, Mid year or End of year well being session to enhance a positive company culture. WOW factor 100% and right from the start your team will feel the WUNDERTRAINING difference.

Alternatively you can book a table for a smaller team at our external event.

Love this- Enjoy!

Want to know more about the New Era of Positive Psychology : Martin Seligman
(23 mins)

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Additional Information

Duration3 Hours


Live Life Forward- Wellbeing (HERO)

February 9 at 9:00 AM

Amp HEat Australian medical Placement
313 Payneham Road, Royston Park
Adelaide SA 5000

Tickets $176.00 | 16 Remaining