Hallmarks of a successful wellbeing program

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There is no doubt that employee wellbeing is the path to sustainable business. Discover the leading research into the hallmarks of a successful wellbeing program, and the benefits of a positive and flourishing culture.

The role of the workplace in providing worker education to support wellbeing, mental health and healthy habits is ever increasing.

If you are commencing or looking to re-energise your wellbeing strategy or to on board your leadership team. We share best practice, what works and creative strategies discovered in supporting a vast pool of clients in this space nationally.

Guaranteed to get you thinking, moving and ‘well’ on your way.

This program is 2 hours and was designed specifically for SAFEWORK 2017 as a state promoted event

Couples well with
Flourish : the Science of Wellbeing

Workshop facilitator and founder
Jane Wundersitz

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