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Irrespective of your role at work or home there seems a common catch cry that ‘there is no time to think’. It seems life today is in fast forward. Our super busy, super productive lives mean every waking moment is filled to the brim with activity. If you think your super busy brain is feeling a little frayed this is the workshop for you!

What we do know is the pace of change will continue to challenge us at work. It is happening all around us and invariably leads to further change. In today’s already fast paced environment with various complex tasks even the notion of being time poor can add to further stress. This in turn compromises mental performance.

The true challenge is that are habitual behaviours often impact our ability to think carefully and deeply.

In this enlightening workshop we deep dive into the best of research into the essentials for a fit brain and a healthy brain for our future.

It is time for each of us to look after our own mental capital.

What can we do personally to create a healthy brain capable of consistently thinking well, with less effort, even when under pressure?

We review the best brainy facts on food & focus and why exercise boosts mental agility. We spend roughly 1/3 of our life asleep but knowing why we do it... and how critical it is too high – performance thinking, may make us value our snooze time even more.

Then finally we introduce a short mindfulness practise and the wealth of research into why this has become such a hero for today’s busy life style. The benefits of mindfulness practise include being more productive, focused , clear thinking, calm and resilient just to name a whisker of the benefits. ( we have another workshop on Mindfulness to take you to full emersion)

Are you ready for an increase in mental flexibility, agility and adaptability?

This workshop covers the hottest insights:
1) What is mental capital?
2) Nutrition and brain health: food and focus
3) Exercise and mental agility: the facts, what, when and how.
4) The bonus zzz : sleeping and cognition , myths and facts
5) Sleep hygiene
6) Cultivating an optimistic mindset
7) Flex your mental muscle
8) Brain breaks : managing cognition energy
9) Be present and strategies for focus
10) Introduction to Mindfulness

Recent testimonials:

Department of Premier and Cabinet

10/10 It really makes you realize you can change the way you think. Bruce

Department of Treasury and Finance

10/10 Uplifting! the presenter was very positive and inspiring and new what she was talking about. Very engaging.

Key Workshop facilitator

Stephanie Noon

Jane Wundersitz

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