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Wellbeing Wunder Bites

WunderBites are perfect for the busy organisation. We deliver the latest research based insights and strategies to support your people - essential for an agile team. We deliver golden insights in understandable, practical and empowering bite size chunks. Available Half Day > 90 mins

Live Life Forward- Wellbeing (HERO)

"People are about as Happy as they make up their minds to be"- ABRAHAM LINCOLN. A brilliant session that you will love! An insightful yet candid look at Positive Psychology and 10 ways to increase wellbeing. A fabulous, fun and progressive session. A MUST in 2018!


Irrespective of your role at work or home there seems a common catch cry that ‘there is no time to think’. It seems life today is in fast forward. Our super busy, super productive lives mean every waking moment is filled to the brim with activity. If you think your super busy brain is feeling a little frayed this is the workshop for you!

Mastering your Mojo: goal success

The most important use of personal influence is how we motivate ourselves. How we make positive change to provide a greater sense of balance and enjoyment in our work and in life.

Hallmarks of a successful wellbeing program

There is no doubt that employee wellbeing is the path to sustainable business. Discover the leading research into the hallmarks of a successful wellbeing program, and the benefits of a positive and flourishing culture.

Wellbeing Wunder Bites Events

Live Life Forward- Wellbeing (HERO)

June 5 at 9:00 AM

Amp HEat Australian medical Placement
313 Payneham Road, Royston Park
Adelaide SA 5000

Tickets $176.00 | 16 Remaining