Positively Charged and Resilient (Student)

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Emotionally resilient students have an inner capacity to overcome stumbling blocks and persevere to meet their goals. While cultural, societal or family systems play a key role in how we think and behave, resilience is a skill that can be taught to everyone. Simple yet effective strategies and techniques build a resilient mindset and enable students to manage negative thoughts and emotional responses. High impact workshop.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
—Lao Tzu

This workshop will support students to:
 Shape a resilient mindset.
 Learn techniques to harness and deploy their emotional energy constructively.
 Gain insight into their own behaviour and others’.
 Sustain positive emotion through new strategies.
 Challenge natural fears hidden at the root of delay and inaction.

Overview: Each of us handles setbacks and obstacles in a unique way.

This workshop will help students find the best strategy for dealing with adversity using evidence-based theories and techniques from the field of positive psychology.
Resilience is like a muscle we can train and grow stronger. Small simultaneous shifts in a number of aspects make a big difference.

Positive Emotions are critical in growing resiliency. We examine ways to maintain and prolong positive emotions, as well as techniques for shifting negative emotions habitually. Extensive research has shown that positivity is critical to performance, decision making, pro-social behaviour and conflict resolution. These skills are important now and will build a lasting foundation the students will have for the rest of their lives.

Emotions are neutral. Joy, anger and sadness by themselves are neither good nor bad. What makes them either productive or destructive is the behaviour that stems from the emotion.

At school students need to think about how our behaviour affects those around them.

In this workshop they discover strategies to build their emotional intelligence and to use their emotions effectively.

Life resilience allows us to stretch past our limits. Swerving around life and school sandbars is easier when you are practicing resilience.

This workshop provides the time to self-reflect and the toolkit to support breakthroughs in building our resilience.

This workshop will cover:
1) The link between courage and resilience
• Understand courage.
• Discover the four key strengths of a resilient person.

2) Emotional Management
• Strategies to sustaining positive emotion including curiosity, savouring and gratitude.
• Identify current emotional management strategies.
• Build your personal resilience - we look at the four key domains: environment, heart/social, brain and body/physical.

3) The Iceberg!
• What drives our own and others behaviour?
• Emotional awareness - Know your hot buttons and respond instead of react.

4) Mindful strategies to stay calm and focussed through challenge and transition.

* We happily tailor our workshops to suit the objectives of the school and the time allocated. Barbara Fredrickson : Positive Emotions open our mind

Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language shapes who you are.

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