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"People are about as Happy as they make up their minds to be"- ABRAHAM LINCOLN. An insightful and progressive workshop which brings positive psychology to life in a fun and personal way. This thought provoking workshops includes goal setting and is designed for a lasting and positive impact. A MUST in 2017!

This workshop helps students to understand the difference between happiness and well being. A focus on student well being and student ownership has been identified as an integral in the National Safe Schools Framework.

'Live Life Forward' is a fun, progressive and insightful program designed to engage all learners through a highly visual presentation, group discussion, activities and personal reflection. Students set ten goals to support increasing their personal well being in alignment with the positive psychology PERMA framework.

Content Includes:

1) Core Values: Identify your VIA character strengths - the driving force behind personal action.

2) An introduction to habits and mindful behaviour

3) Understanding Positive Emotion
• Identify what makes us happy?
• A self edit of how we spend our time?

4) Engagement
• An introduction to flow theory
• Students design their own 'beautiful day'

4) Positive Relationships
• Highlights the importance of positive relationships for well being
• Identify own personal positive support network

5) Meaning and contribution
• The power of kindness
• The Attitude of Gratitude

6) Achievement
• Introduction to a simple strategy to prevent procrastination
• Final Goal setting activity

A powerful session which embeds the foundations of well being at a personal level. Students absolutely love this positive and insightful workshop.

Loreto College Year 10's average workshop rating was 9/10

This workshop is currently a 3 hour workshop but can be tailored to available time frame.

• Great for a well being camp/ week
• Suitable for small are large groups 100+
• Can be tailored to incorporate school values and vision
• Best at tables of 10 however we have 100 clipboards available for theater style seating
• Includes A5 goal setting workbooks

Please contact via website for a quote or school package options.
Alternatively feel free to call Jane to discuss further on 0430297970. This will be a yearly calendar event.

Additional Insights relating to teenagers:

One of the pioneers of the research on flow is Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, also one of the founders of positive psychology. Csikszentmihalyi began his research on flow by studying artists and creative types (Csikszentmihalyi, 1975). He noted that the act of creating seemed at times more important than the finished work itself and he was fascinated by what he called the “flow” state, in which the person is completely immersed in an activity with intense focus and creative engagement.
In one study 250 “high-flow” and “low-flow” teenagers were asked to report on their feelings and activities at regular intervals (Csikszentmihalyi and Csikszentmihalyi, 1988). The high-flow teenagers on average reported more time spent on “active leisure” activities such as hobbies, sports and homework. The high-flow teenagers also measured higher levels of self-esteem and engagement. Interestingly, however, the high-flow teenagers self-reported lower levels of fun than the low-flow teenagers. Apparently, high-flow teenagers see their low-flow peers as experiencing more fun engaging in low-flow activities, such as video games, TV or socialising. However, the high-flow kids end up having greater long term happiness as well as success in school, social relationships and careers.

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