VIA Strengths Keynote Speaker

'Fun and a great way to connect with others'


Student Wellbeing

We are very excited to have an array of programs tailored to meet the needs of student wellbeing. We are specialists in strengths and culture development aligned to school values.

ASA Resilience for youth/ teens

Moving from what's Wrong to what's Strong This complete workshop can be taught in 12, 50-minute modules, or spread out over an entire school semester. It is designed to teach youth/teens strengths coaching tools that can be applied personally, and in their relationships with others. Students learn coaching and character strengths principles grounded in scientific research.

Live Life Forward - PERMA+ student

"People are about as Happy as they make up their minds to be"- ABRAHAM LINCOLN. An insightful and progressive workshop which brings the science of wellbeing to life in a fun and personal way. This thought provoking workshops includes goal setting and is designed for a lasting and positive impact. A MUST in 2018!

The Power of Positive Peers

Peer relationships in the early high school years are often tricky and can have a profound impact on personal well being. This interactive and positive workshop covers fundamental interpersonal and relationship skills. We highlight the foundations of healthy relationships and the importance of positive communication.

Yoga and Mindfulness

In this workshop you will learn the practical tools of meditation and yoga to cultivate balance and the feeling of being grounded in our lives. Perfect for Wellbeing Events and large groups.