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Student Wellbeing

We are very excited to have an array of programs tailored to meet the needs of Adelaide's schools. Positive Psychology and student well being is in the spotlight and this is our specialty. Our workshops focus on appreciating personal character strength and that of others. We unpack wellbeing through goal setting and introduce resilience as a skill and support students to build their own resilience bucket. 'The Power of Positive Peers' was specifically designed to support the Personal Learning Plan SACE and focusses on a positive school culture, peer support and communication. Our programs are creatively designed and passionately delivered.

Live Life Forward - PERMA+ student

"People are about as Happy as they make up their minds to be"- ABRAHAM LINCOLN. An insightful and progressive workshop which brings positive psychology to life in a fun and personal way. This thought provoking workshops includes goal setting and is designed for a lasting and positive impact. A MUST in 2017!

The Power of Positive Peers

Peer relationships in the early high school years are often tricky and can have a profound impact on personal well being. This interactive and positive workshop covers fundamental interpersonal and relationship skills. This workshop highlights the foundations of healthy relationships We know that successful students are able to form strong classroom relationships with both their teachers and their peers. click More Details

Positively Charged and Resilient (Student)

Emotionally resilient students have an inner capacity to overcome stumbling blocks and persevere to meet their goals. While cultural, societal or family systems play a key role in how we think and behave, resilience is a skill that can be taught to everyone. Simple yet effective strategies and techniques build a resilient mindset and enable students to manage negative thoughts and emotional responses. High impact workshop.

Yoga and Meditation

In this workshop you will learn the practical tools of meditation and yoga to cultivate balance and the feeling of being grounded in our lives. Perfect for Wellbeing Events and large groups.