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My Holland: Emotional Intelligence

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My is a captivating speaker who makes you think. My believes that bringing well-being and happiness to work will benefit not only our workplace but also our private relationships: family, friends, the community and by extension the inter-connected world. She delivers with wisdom and warmth.

Speaker Style:
My is truly authentic and her genuine and immense connection with the material she presents ensures her deliver is always compelling. Solid research demonstrates EQ and workplace happiness training deliver improved productivity, lower rates of absenteeism with more engaged, motivated employees. Happiness and emotional insight nourish our inner journeys, starting with self-awareness. Participants enjoy the journey.

Popular Keynote Topics
> Are Happy Employees More Emotionally Intelligent?
> Positive Engagement... Why is it working?
> Leading with Emotions

Recent Testimonial

My is an excellent facilitator who captures the hearts and minds of her participants. She is engaging and provides a truly meaningful way of reminding us all that happiness can be experienced whilst at work and in fact does contribute to our effectiveness and sense of belonging. A very practical and deeply important workshop.
Deidre Anderson Deputy Vice Chancellor Macquarie University

My is an advocate for a kinder and happier world using the gift of facilitation which has been deservingly bestowed on someone who is authentic compassionate and naturally kind. My connects and engages with the audience through a gentle and consistent approach ensuring all participants arrive at the same destination albeit by different modes of thinking.
Michael Lloyd White
Secretary General World Kindness Movement

Brief History
She has a holistic education due to her commitment to lifelong learning: International Business (MA), International Marketing (MBA), Japanese (BA), Higher Education (GCHE), Carbon Management (CTI), Vocational Training (TAE), Mindfulness (MBSR) and the School for Social Entrepreneur (SSE).

Her EQ credentials are: Certified assessor for SEI and EQi 2.0 models, Certificates in Positive Neuroplasticity and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.

She is a Goodwill Kindness Ambassador of World Kindness Movement.
My (pronounced “Me”) believes in ethical living, conscious capitalism, kindness and empathy on a daily basis: at work and on a personal level.

My Speaks Nationally, please get in touch for availability and a quick quote.

*Jane Wundersitz and My Holland are not registered as Psychologists nor registered at all with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA

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