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The Speakers Edge Student + Youth Program

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The Speakers Edge is an interactive and engaging workshop where students will learn how to design and structure a powerful talk, the key elements of being a confident speaker and the tools to successfully engage an audience.

This is a transformative public speaking workshop for schools wanting to empower and inspire students to know they have a voice, the confidence to use that voice and the courage to step up to new opportunities they may otherwise shy away from.

It is available as a 1/2 day or 1 day workshop and comes with the option of a Day 2 where students will present short TED-style talks to put the theory and their learning into practice.

We tailor the content to support the needs and challenges specific to your students and school.

This workshop includes:

• Key skills to be a confident, compelling and authentic speaker

• The power of stories, pauses and the power-start unpacked

• How to engage and bond with an audience

• Guidelines to stimulate your creative side when using PowerPoint

• Unleash slides that dazzle and awe audiences

• Understanding audience cues and questions and how to respond

• Structuring a presentation for optimal engagement

Jane Wundersitz or Sharon Longridge

Recent testimonials

Onkaparinga Council Youth Leadership Community Capacity
Speaking Skills for Youth Ambassadors

10/10 A fun and interactive way to gain public speaking and leadership skills. Enjoyed the strengths cards and story telling component. Jacinta

Very informative, engaging and fantastic tips. Covered lots of different areas on both presenting and public speaking.

Very worth your while. Jane's great presenting ability kept me very interested- really good. She knew and practised everything she was talking about. Jayden

Brilliant workshop- positive engagement through out. Jordon

University of South Australia
Student Ambassadors Professional Development
10/10 Engaging,positive, informative and effective. Great practical tips to use.

10/10 Insightful and relevant to building a strong engaging presentation. The stories component had impact and this will be great to incorporate into my work. Arlen

10/10 Engaging, fun and educational

Really worthwhile. It made me think about public speaking in a completely new perspective - great simple tricks. Hannah

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