Positive Brain: Taming negative self talk

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Tame your anxious brain; unleash your flourishing mind. Finding it hard to sleep? Feeling foggy or that your creative mojo has departed? Feeling anxious or depressed? This insightful and empowering workshop supports students to understand what’s happening in your brain, why it behaves like it does and how you can tame it.

This is an engaging, interactive and highly liberating session that is guaranteed to leave students wondering why no-one has shared this with you earlier.
They will leave with evidenced-based, scientifically proven tools to support them to better health, increased creativity, problem-solving ability, more satisfying relationships and optimism.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Topics that would be covered in the bite-sized session – 60- 90 minutes

Topics covered in this WunderBite:

• Understanding your brain and why it behaves like it does
• Appreciate that it’s not your reality that shapes you, but the lens that you see the world that shapes your reality
• Learn how to reframe your automatic negative thoughts into empowering positive statements
• Sleep, diet and exercise…..and how you’ll always want to get them right, once you know why!
• 5 must-know simple interventions that can change your life! (mindfulness meditation, gratitude journal, acts of kindness, exercise, positive journaling)

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