Senior Student & Youth Leaders

We have a range of programs tailored to support senior students and youth ambassadors as well as educators. Please get in touch touch for package prices or a quick quote.

Positive Brain: Taming negative self talk

Tame your anxious brain; unleash your flourishing mind. Finding it hard to sleep? Feeling foggy or that your creative mojo has departed? Feeling anxious or depressed? This insightful and empowering workshop supports students to understand what’s happening in your brain, why it behaves like it does and how you can tame it.

Positively Charged and Resilient (Student)

Emotionally resilient students have an inner capacity to overcome stumbling blocks and persevere to meet their goals. While cultural, societal or family systems play a key role in how we think and behave, resilience is a skill that can be taught to everyone. Simple yet effective strategies and techniques build a resilient mindset and enable students to manage negative thoughts and emotional responses. High impact workshop.

The Speakers Edge Student + Youth Program

The Speakers Edge is an interactive and engaging workshop where students will learn how to design and structure a powerful talk, the key elements of being a confident speaker and the tools to successfully engage an audience.