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Positive Communication across a team is a foundation of building trust. Whilst we all aspire to open and honest communication so often it can be a challenge to achieve for a whole host of reasons. This is a crucial workshop for all teams who work in a fast paced environment.

Giving regular feedback with positive intent is one of the core components of establishing good communication practices across a team. Yet this vital skill for all team members is often one of the biggest challenges.

Have you ever thought - "I should say something but there never seems to be the right time" or " You notice someone is doing really well in an area- but fail to appreciate their input or mention it to them" or when something is not as it should be"If I wait long enough, it will sort itself out."

In reality - we need to give 6 x more positive feedback to our team mates as constructive feedback. Did you know 67% of team mates say they get to little positive feedback. Leaders are often expected to be the ones who solely give both positive and critical feedback in a team - yet the best teams have a consistent stream of performance base feedback across a team...and the most powerful practise is to ensure their is positive intent. If you are keen to shift the communication dynamics in your team - embedding positive communication into your culture will be a game changing shift that you won't look back from.

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions"- Rich Tate

Overview: Feedback can and should be given up down and laterally with in a work environment. Giving feedback effectively is a skill. And like all skills, it takes practice to build your confidence and improve.

Feedback is a two way street in this workshop we learn how to give it effectively and also how to receive it constructively.

• Use feedback skills to improve relationships by recognising the signs that it is time to talk about a situation
• Identify emotional and behavioural barriers and ways to overcome reluctance to receiving and giving feedback
• Use techniques to constructively initiate a feedback discussion with a team member, peer or your manager.
• Prepare and deliver feedback positively and in a way that builds confidence in what you are saying
• Use techniques to prepare for receiving feedback, judge its validity and make decisions on what to do with the feedback
• Identify practical strategies to assist when responses to feedback are unexpected
• Practise strength based feedback which acknowledges the personal qualities that a team member brings to their role and contributes to a team for the collective benefit of team dynamics.

*option to include communication profiling

Recent Testimonials
10/10 Constructive and well worthwhile. Relevant examples used and a great structure for preparing a feedback statement. Mandy participant at Uni SA Work Smart Program

Excellent presenter and workshop. Highly valuable for the workplace and life in general. Adelaide Hills Council
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