Go FAR - Grit and Growth Mindset

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Grit and Growth Mindset Workshop, Grit Keynote, Growth Mindset Keynote Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart Australia Wide

Grit is courage and resolve; the strength of character.

It can also mean an irrepressible spirit that doesn’t back down in the face of failure or obstacles.

We all want a bit of grit to get through the tough stuff that life throws at us. Discover simple yet effective strategies and techniques to build a growth mindset, quiet the critic and build perseverance.
It can be difficult to keep up the hard work when we want quick rewards. Long-term goals require time, patience, sacrifices and effort, and you need to have the endurance to stay on the path.

• Why Grit Matters?
• Personal feedback wheel
• Fixed vs Growth Mindset
• Two Stories
• A matter of perspective
• Think like a scientist
• Creating a Stretch Goal( with stickability)
• Cultivate and Optimistic Mindset

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