Resilience Grit

Resilience Training/ Mental Toughness training for the workplace, teams and leaders / Emotional Intelligence Training - Stress Management Training/ Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin, Australia

Designed to keep you in front, agile and productive. We update our bites regularly and can combine any of our programs for a tailored half or full day workshop. Great for conferences, leadership meetings or team development.

Mental Toughness 4Cs

Mental Toughness Workshop for Leaders and Teams/ Resilience, Grit and Mindset Workshop for the workplace Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra. Mental Toughness Conference Keynote Speaker


Positive and inspiring workshop to support optimistic thinking and mental agility. Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane. Inspiring Keynote Australia Wide

Emotional Intelligence Workshop Intensive

There is clear evidence that higher levels of Emotional intelligence in leaders, executive assistants, sales people, customer service reps and anyone whose job involves interacting with people—increases individual and organisational effectiveness.

Go FAR - Grit and Growth Mindset

Grit and Growth Mindset Workshop, Grit Keynote, Growth Mindset Keynote Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart Australia Wide