R.A.W Courage + Resilient Attitude

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R.A.W Courage for Teams: Resilience, Attitude and Wellbeing. Current work environments are continually shifting and with this at times we experience those moments when we feel frustrated or overwhelmed. If you need a fresh and powerful mindset to embrace the next chapter- this is it.

Extensive research supports positive affect is critical to explaining outcomes for organisations and specifically the impact on performance, decision making, turnover, pro-social behaviour, negation and conflict resolution behaviour, group dynamics and leadership.

Resilience is a skill that can be learnt irrespective of differences in culture, society and family systems. There is no simple fix or one size fits all method. Discover simple yet effective strategies and techniques that utilise our attitude, allow us to confront our fears and therefore develop and build resilience.

In true WunderTraining style this is designed for high engagement, juicy discussions and impact that lasts. Bringing the latest research to you at its teambuilding best.

We happily tailor this program and include key strategic content from several of our programs.

> R esilience a holistic approach
> A ttitude an appreciation of positive emotion at work and respectful behaviour.
> W ellbeing and goal setting for flourishing

Can be coupled with -
> Courageous Change and Appreciative Inquiry
> Mastering stress
> 6 Hats : collaborate Innovate and Think BIG
> Values and Vision
> Communication profiling
> Leading with Strengths : find the 'Just right' of virtuous behaviour

Our promise is it will be positive, proactive and fun!
Please send an enquiry and we look forward to discussing your next chapter and vision.

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