Visionary Communication: Positive Influence

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Great communication characterises high functioning workplaces. The Visionay Communicating program will build your ability to influence, listen and speak effectively when it matters most.

Participants will learn practical communications tools which they can use every day at work. It can be difficult to follow some one if there message is complicated or confusing yet this can and does happen. Miscommunication ceayes errors and can lead to misguided directions. A great communicator can build confidence going forward.Strong leaders and extraordinary leaders learn how to relate and how to establish rapport. An inspiring leader has the ability to grow a future vision so compelling that others gravitate and want to be apart of the picture.

This immersive training will explore:

• Clarity and purpose: Getting clear on your intention
• Building rapport
• Deep Listen: Demonstrating respect through focused awareness
• Building receptivity: Techniques to reduce misunderstanding
• The right words: Shaping a narrative that is clear and complete to build a compelling vision
• Story telling simplified for impact but powerful in delivery.
• Cultivating empathy, compassion and forgiveness in communication.

The training is well suited to executive > leadership management trainees. Tailored inhouse workshops are available.

Format options
> Half Day workshop
> Key components can be delivered in 90mins

“A brilliant training session with a huge amount of really valuable learning that I will keep thinking about at work and outside of work.” Alison, SSI

Sharon Longridge Nationally ( based Sydney)
BA Communications Degree and has helped 1500 media professionals and business executives in advanced communication skills.

Time Options
Half day or 90 min Conference or Strategy Day

Full Day option best coupled with
The Inspiring Speaker
Emotional Intelligence: the game changer

Perfect for an executive retreat accompanied with wellbeing, mindfulness and resilience components

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*Jane Wundersitz and Sharon Longridge are not registered Psychologists nor registered at all with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).
Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA.

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