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This is a highly valuable program bringing both design and speaking into one engaging workshop. We have developed a strong reputation for delivering speakers programs that have instant impact and simplifying the key elements of what works for today's audience. Jam packed half day event.

Who should attend :

Senior or New Leaders, Reluctant or Seasoned Speakers, Government and Council leaders and team members required to present department news, HR support staff or Admin staff who deliver at meetings, Workplace Facilitators /Trainers, Community Leaders and spokes people, Researchers and PHD students who deliver their findings, those a little anxious about speaking at a family event... have I missed anyone!

*Confidence in public speaking skills can help you advance your career and also boosts your self-confidence to step up to opportunities.

This workshop will include:

•Key speaking skills to be confident, compelling and authentic

•Appreciate the power of stories, pauses and the power start unpacked

•How to structure a presentation for engagement

•Learn how to bond an audience through safe and light participation

•Guidelines to stimulate your creative side - using power point with a contemporary professional edge.

•Unleash 'slides that rock! '

•Deal productively with audience cues and questions

If you’ve ever delivered a seminar, presented on stage, or facilitated a meeting you know it can be a challenge to keep the attention of your audience. This workshop covers crucial foundation and cutting edge concepts and theories to embrace today’s learner and audience.

This workshop is a catalyst for a whole new level of confidence and a new approach to speaking /presenting. As with all skills - add the practise and you can elevate your delivery at your very next speaking engagement.

According to the latest research speakers/ programs fail to deliver for two main reasons.
1) 40% is due to poor upfront engagement.
b) 20% is due to poor event design.

This will give you an idea of our style and why this program is a MUST.

* You will not be required to deliver a presentation to the group , there is light participation and interaction to appreciate the content and nothing daunting. Many participants don't enjoy being put on the spot and this can be a deterrent from attending a speakers workshop.

Popular In HOUSE Event for leadership teams
Prices start from
half day workshop from $1800 + gst
Full day from $2500 + gst

* Available for large conference size group half day leaders session - price is dependent on number of participants and length of workshop

*Discounts for not for profit or youth groups may apply

Jane Wundersitz
Sharon Longridge

Recent Testimonials

'Excellent- One of the best workshops I've ever been too!'
Amber - University of South Australia Work Smart Program

'Jane is an absolutely fabulous trainer, engaging, exciting, supporting, caring, colourful, vibrant, and well equipped to deliver as described. I was blown away by her approach to creating engaging presentations, very unique and inspiring, so much so that I used her technique in the design and delivery of an international paper at a conference in the USA! 'The inspiring speaker' complemented the first course and brought new ideas on how to handle speaking engagements well. I learned that there is no such thing as nervous, only positive excitement! Thank you very much ' Phillip Armanas : Audit and Risk Management

"How perfect that for a workshop entitled 'the engaging presentation', the presentation was actually incredibly engaging. This, more than anything else, is enough to convince me that the methods work. The facilitator was also really wonderful at identifying areas for possible improvements from examples from the audience. Fantastic audience participation, group work, pair work, individual work as well as the chance to walk around the room and interact with others.I would absolutely recommend to others."

"The energy of the facilitator was excellent , the delivery was professional, engaging and entertaining. I felt that I gained valuable insight into delivering an effective presentation. Great workshop and particularly enjoyed chunking, power slides and Smart Art. Enjoyed the discussion and activities and would definitely recommend to others. Very useful - Thank you."

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The Speakers Edge

February 16 at 9:00 AM

Amp HEat Australian Medical placement
313 Payneham Road, Royston Park
SA 5000

Tickets $200.00 | 15 Remaining