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This workshop aims to stimulate your creative side and inspire the confidence to be more adventurous with both structure and presentation media and further develop your unique style. Presenting, facilitating and speaking in general have embarked into a new arena: Today’s audience and learners alike enjoy being entertained.

This workshop covers crucial foundation and cutting edge concepts and theories to embrace today’s learner and audience.
* Group activity is included however participants will not be required to present during the workshop.

Do you:
• Feel like your presentation style is old school and needs refreshing?
• Lack insight into contemporary power point ?
• Want to truly engage your audience and ALL learning styles?
• Like to be creative but need more confidence to put it into your presentations?
• Need to be inspired to change your usual presenting routine?

This workshop will cover:

• Contemporary presentations - What’s not boring? • Explore Power point beyond bullet points
- Know the rules before you break them
- Current trends and guidelines
- Power slides and visuals : Create slides that ROCK
- Best practice of animation, transition, smart art, contemporary fonts, audio visuals and music

• Structure for engagement and impact
- Audience analysis
- Core message
- Power Start
- Icebreakers, energisers and activities
- Structure for retention
- The Cracker conclusion

• Tips to continue your creative journey

Workshop Length: 3 hours
Available for inhouse

Facilitator: Jane Wundersitz

Recent Testimonial- University of South Australia Work Smart
"How perfect that for a workshop entitled 'the engaging presentation', the presentation was actually incredibly engaging. This, more than anything else, is enough to convince me that Jane's methods work. Jane was also really wonderful at identifying areas for possible improvements from examples where the audience thought there was nowhere. Fantastic audience participation, group work, pair work, individual work as well as the chance to walk around the room and interact with others.I would absolutely recommend to others."

"The energy of the facilitator was excellent and the delivery was professional, engaging and entertaining and I felt that I gained valuable insight into delivering an effective presentation. Great workshop and particularly enjoyed chunking, power slides and Smart Art. Enjoyed the discussion and activities and would definitely recommend to others. Very useful - Thank you."

A great slideshare on Icebreakers. Enjoy!

*Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA

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