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Leadership starts with self-development and participants will closely examine how they show up as leaders and develop their own powerful leadership brand and vision. This is the essential workshop for anyone who is new to Leadership, or who wants to gain a better understanding of contemporary Leadership practices.

Activities are interactive, non threatening and give ample opportunity to identify opportunities for application in their own workplace. True to the WunderTraining style - high visual content - to ensure maximum engagement. This is the essential platform to bring out the true Leader and guarantees Aha moments! An energising course guaranteed to have lasting impact.

We commence with reflecting on todays workplace and research based reasons why people follow. Authentic leadership is here to stay as character is a strong foundation for building trusting 1:1 connections. We unpack positive communication where affirmative and supportive language replaces negative and critical language and learn components of this key skill development area.
We simplify practical areas like giving and receiving feedback and delegating effectively. We discover research based strategies to cultivate a positive climate through cultivating compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, coupled with strength based coaching conversations. Change and challenge is forever present in our shifting work environment we focus constructively on the skills required to work through conflict and new chapters with vitality.

This is the essential workshop for those stepping into a new leadership role or those wanting to consolidate their existing skills and gain a better understanding of contemporary Leadership practices. Guarantees Aha moments!

Participants will be better able to:
• Recognise and develop their leadership role within the organisation.
• Enhance their personal leadership presence and authenticity.
• Increase employee engagement levels.
• Lift the performance of teams by creating a fertile environment for innovation through identifying personal and team member strengths.
• Develop improved organisational commitment and alignment through having a clearer vision and the ability to communicate it.
• Leave with specific “Monday morning promises” that will ensure
implementation of new behavior and an operational plan

Organisational benefits include:
• Better bottom line results.
• Improved talent retention and loyalty.
• Increased employee engagement levels.
• Higher morale, and improved trust and respect throughout the organisation.
• Employees feel valued, understand their role and how they contribute to the big picture.
• A more fertile environment for innovation and highly productive teams.
• Improved commitment and alignment.

Character, Self and Interpersonal skills

Leadership development starts with self-development and participants will closely examine how they show up as leaders, and how they can develop a powerful personal leadership brand.It focuses on building strong,one-on-one relationships built on trust and also the stages of team development.

Building TRUST
• Role models: Why do people follow?
• Identify their personal and authentic leadership strength's (and getting virtuous behaviour just right.)
• High Trust and Low Trust team traits
• Understanding team development and dynamics in their current team

• Mental toughness : mood matters
• Affirmative language and intent
• Empathy, forgiveness and gratitude how and why they matter ? Skills to enrich these qualities

Positive Communication and Feedback
• Coaching conversations for engagement.
• Deliver effective feedback
• Empower through delegation

Optional Day 2
Driving High Performance
• Courageous and careful conflict, challenging situations and people.
• Optimising Productivity and time management
• Effective focus meetings

Session outline may vary slightly as courses are regularly updated.
* We will happily tailor to your needs

Additional details:
• Extensive manual
• Maximum of 20 participants

Workshop In house:
Optional one or two day workshop.
Happy to tailor to several half day options.
Always happy to tailor.

* We run occasional external events . If one is not listed adjacent please let express interest and we will try and schedule one within the quarter.

Recent testimonials:
10/10 Very interactive, relevant and reflective and kept me engaged! I enjoyed the building trust action plan. A Great workshop to learn not only how to manage but how to develop and lead a team. Lisa

10/10 Positive and fun yet very, very productive. Thank you so much this is the best training I have ever had. Sangita

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Positive Leadership 2018

March 6 at 9:00 AM

( Day 1) Amp HEat Australian Medical placement
313 Payneham Road
Royston Park SA 5070

Tickets $320.00 | 18 Remaining