Flourish: The Science of Wellbeing

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Wellbeing Workshop for Leadership Teams - Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin Australia wide delivery

This is a comprehensive positive, fun and empowering program which brings current research into a well rounded, interactive and insightful workshop. High impact for real-life application.

This program is a true WunderTraing Hero!

• The Wellbeing Journey
- 5 researched key areas to human flourishing PERMA model
- Signature Character Strengths at optimum, overuse and hot buttons

• Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
- Optimism
- Building a resilient mindset in 4 key domains

• Sleep. Eat and Move goal setting

• Positive Communication and the impact on relationships
- Master key traits of positive communication

• Maintain Your Wellbeing in a Fast-Paced Workplace
- Towards goals
- Introduction to a simple prioritisation strategy

Available for a half or full day experience.
Keynote and conference delivery also available

Participants are invited to take their online VIA Character Strengths profile:

The assessment will take on average 10-15 minutes to complete.

Jane Wundersitz is the National workshop facilitator
Suitable small teams through to conference size groups
Standard halfday workshop price from $1800 +gst

Jane has personally worked in senior-level leadership roles and appreciates the challenges of working in a high pressure and fast paced role.

This workshop allows senior leaders and executive teams to connect positively and discover and set goals for their own professional and personal flourishing. A brilliant energising workshop to splice into a leadership conference or to support team dynamics when moving into transition or challenging patches.

Jane has the nationally accredited Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and specialised in positive leadership and positive coaching. She is the Australian Master Trainer for SMCOV/ VIA Institute on Character. VIA Institute on Character is the leading global Centre for the research into character strengths which underpin the PERMA framework for human flourishing. She is a certified Mental toughness partner. Jane has supported over 7000 people to discover their strengths.

The VIA assessment is the only scientifically validated online Character profile tool. Research shows that knowing and applying our unique signature character strength increases our capacity to be fulfilled, have greater life satisfaction and we are better able to overcome adversity.

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"It was awe-inspiring to attend the workshop this morning! Realising my strengths and knowing how to make them work best for me are vital things that I feel will help me reach my goals and get me to the stage where I want to be. I feel empowered and rejuvenated to be reminded of the things that I’ve been putting off to do and use it as a driving force to achieve them. Attending your workshop gave me ideas on how to achieve my goals one day at a time." Giselle

"10/10 Fun and inspiring."
Kelly Savill State Manager BELIEVE conference: Lorna Jane

"10++ Enjoyable, Reflective and Motivating. It gave me the chance to look at myself and evaluate my life and what makes me tick. The presenter has the amazing ability to make the session positive, comfortable, fun and informative."
Claire: Department of Education Professional Development Day

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