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Good communication characterises high functioning workplaces. This workshop will build your ability to influence, listen and speak effectively when it matters most. Compassion, forgiveness and empathy are core skills in the high trust teams of today.

We cover crucial communication skills essential to support members to contribute positively and lead their team, give and receive feedback across a team, and to listen effectively all of which have a major impact on their job effectiveness, and on the quality of your relationships with others.

Developing positive relationships requires empathy. Empathy is an emotion similar to understanding that people have varying levels of it requires deep listening to others, understanding verbal and nonverbal cues, and building the ability to appreciate the differences in others. The ability to put judgement aside can be a key to building a level of trust in relationships that is truly vibrant, genuine, open and honest. Expressing care for another is more natural in some people than in others and is a skill that can be taught and nurtured.

This workshop will cover:

• Discover your communication energy network
• Recognising the signs that it is time to talk about a situation
• Identify emotional and behavioural barriers and ways to overcome reluctance to communicate when it counts
• Use techniques to constructively initiate a discussion
• The practical skill of active listen
• Discover the power of empathy in building trust
• Card activity to appreciate our own and the team culture of communication style under stress
• Prepare and deliver feedback in a way that builds confidence in what you are saying
• Use techniques to prepare for receiving feedback, judge its validity and make decisions on what to do with the feedback
• Identify practical strategies to assist when responses to feedback are not helpful, acknowledging and refocusing these responses.
• A path to building forgiveness into team culture
• The attitude of gratitude

* Option of communication profiling : 10 min hard copy during the workshop. Can be completed prior.

Available Inhouse Events Nationally
External Events Adelaide only

Specialist Facilitators:
Jane Wundersitz Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne
Sharon Longridge Sydney, Brisbane

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Conversations that count

February 9 at 12:30 PM

Amp HEat Australian Medical placement
313 Payneham Road, Royston Park
Adelaide SA 5000

Tickets $150.00 | 20 Remaining