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Strengths coaching has emerged as an important vehicle for discovering and unleashing potential. We will be bringing evidence-based tools from the field of positive psychology and the best coaching strategies into a highly engaging and practical strengths coaching workshop. We're excited!

Positive psychology research is showing that strengths-focused coaching creates a more optimistic and solution-focused outlook in people. Appreciating and leveraging employee strengths, while creating a culture of mutual respect where people are empowered to make their unique contributions is key to engagement.

People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. Employers that focus on employees’ strengths rather than focusing on correcting their weaknesses have a far more engaged workforce.

Could you answer yes to the following four statements?
1. Our teams and employees set weekly goals based on team member’s strengths.
2. Team members can name the strengths of five people with whom they work.
3. Leaders have meaningful discussions about strengths with employees.
4. Our organization is committed to building the strengths of each employee.

Shockingly, only 3% of employees surveyed could answer yes to the statements above. This demonstrates that the vast number of employers are failing to accentuate the positive and are making the costly mistake of spending valuable resources on attempts to address employees’ weaknesses.

Yet research shows that the average employee rewards strength-focused employers with greater effort, stronger work ethic, commitment and enthusiasm.

ASA Strengths Coaching
This workshop can be taught in a one-day format, or can be taught in four 90-minute modules.

Participants will learn strengths coaching principles and practical tools to maximise positive leadership, ignite potential, increase goal attainment, boost productivity, and strengthen work relationships overall!

We will also be offering Certified Corporate Champions - 3 day training events to allow your in house trainers to be trained to deliver the program confidently and competently within your organisation.

Participants will learn how to:

•Coach Self/Others with the ASA Coaching Process©
•Leverage Positive Psychology and Strengths for Success
•Ask STRONG Coaching Questions©
•Build Resilience with STRONG Thoughts©
•Harness Authentic Motivation with the ASA Motivation Grid©
•Empower Goal Attainment with STRONG Goals©
•Shift from Feedback to Motivating Feedforward
•Fuel Emotional Intelligence with Character Strengths
•Use ASA Strengths Flow© to Boost Creativity
•Engage Strengths Consistently with the ASA 3R’s©

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