Positive Culture VIA Strengths

A positive workplace culture leads to better employee morale, increased productivity and the ability to keep skilled workers. Negative attitudes in the workplace, particularly when they are displayed by leaders can have a dramatic impact on the entire workforce. Robust research supports a positive strengths focused culture elevates performance and engagement and increases personal and team flourishing.

VIA Strengths: energy and performance

Understanding your own unique strengths and that of your team is not only fascinating but it also opens the door to a whole new level of teamwork, trust and productivity. Always a HERO at conferences and for team events.

Strengths at Work :The Path to Engagement

This groundbreaking training transforms a participants performance. The highly engaging program is designed to empower people and organisations in every aspect. Jane Wundersitz is the Australian Master Trainer and partner with VIA/SMCOV.

VIA Premier: Manager as Optimizer

This is a one-day workshop designed to optimize the way managers lead, support and interact with their employees. The research-based principles presented in this course have been shown to improve management effectiveness, work relationships and work satisfaction for the people who apply them. This is a VIA Premier Program.

ASA : Leaders as Strengths Coaches

Strengths coaching has emerged as an important vehicle for discovering and unleashing potential. We will be bringing evidence-based tools from the field of positive psychology and the best coaching strategies into a highly engaging and practical strengths coaching workshop. We're excited!

Positive Progress (designed for volunteers)

This feel good but high impact keynote or half day workshop will help volunteers recognise the true value of their volunteering role.

Positive Culture VIA Strengths Events

VIA Strengths: energy and performance

February 9 at 1:30 PM

Amp HEat Australian Medical placement
313 Payneham Road, Royston Park
Royston Park SA 5000

Tickets $176.00 | 15 Remaining