Positive Culture

A positive workplace culture leads to better employee morale, increased productivity and the ability to keep skilled workers. Negative attitudes in the workplace, particularly when they are displayed by leaders can have a dramatic impact on the entire workforce.

Strengths at Work :The Path to Engagement

This groundbreaking training transforms a participants performance. The highly engaging program is designed to empower people and organisations in every aspect. Jane Wundersitz is the Australian Master Trainer and partner with VIA/SMCOV.

Science of Wellbeing : more to life than work

This is a 2.5 hour comprehensive wellness program which brings current research into a well rounded, interactive and insightful workshop. High impact for real life application.

Window on Work Values: Values and Vision

This workshop is perfect for a culture realignment, culture 360 or a Values and Vision development session. It utilizes the TMS profile system and is masterfully delivered by an accredited facilitator.

Positive Progress ( for volunteers)

This feel good but high impact keynote will help volunteers recognise the true value of their volunteering role.